To Write a Book and Publish

Writing and publishing a book

Understand the steps you need to take to write and publish a Kindle bestselling book. It is the task of the book publisher to connect authors with readers. The proofreaders work through the text independently of the writing style, the book readers do not. "I am a specialist in this field and would like to write a book that does not convince me," says Elsevier publisher Nikki Levy. I' m publishing a book this month, too.

Is it possible to publish a book in an anonymous way?

Of course you can select to publish under a pseudonym. J.K. Rowlings has no second name, but she picked letters and an invented medium name because it was better and she was said that a woman's name was not the best way to sell a book about sorcerers and sorcery. Dr. Suess picked his name because he was forbidden to write in his collegiate journal.... so he made an assumed name.

If you want to publish your book, simply type in any name as name. Don't be afraid Amazon or any other merchant won't publish the name of the owner of the game. Only the book's creator and any other name of the participant will be displayed.

This will occupy premium properties on your book jacket and will be the make you use as you write more volumes. Make sure that your name is related to your destination area. So if your targeted markets are middle-aged girls, then maybe you don't want a name from Ron or something.

The name can have connotations and indicate the authors ages. To find out more hints like these in the self-publishing environment and how you can better promote your e-books, visit my website: Childlepreneur - book marketing for self-publishing Authors?.

Writing and self-publishing a bestseller Kindle Book on Amazon

Therefore, if you haven't begun to write yet, 2017 is the year you MUST write a book. I' ll show you how to make sure it's an Amazon best-seller. As a book writer, that's great praise for you. They' re gonna think of you as an authority on a topic you wrote a book about.

Publication of a book brings your name to the world's most popular e-commerce website. Every day at Amazon million of Amazon users are looking for a book. You will see your name next to the name of the renowned economic guru. Receive your customers' emails from Amazon! You have already purchased to view your book, so they will be happy to give you their mailing list for an additional free book.

I' ve earned over $13,000 in Kindle emoluments alone - that's not the primary purpose for a book, but it's a good piece of spending on it. I' ve released 8 novels and most of them were Amazon best sellers. The course contains everything I have learnt from 3 years as a self-published author:

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