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This is a no-nonsense guide to everything you need to know about writing to be published. All-purpose praise from agents, publishers, tutors and authors. On this page you will find some tips and advice on how to make your cover letter as good as possible.

You don't have to be a mastermind to write well (but you do)

And in a discourse he gave after receiving the prize, Justice Scalia told what he felt was the mystery to good typing. Luckily for us we can see what he said that particular date, how to write well thanks to a new volume, Scalia Speaks: Subtitled in his address, Justice Scalia reasoned that typing well does not call for being intellectual.

If you compare it to the study of language or the play of soundtracks, there is something good authors have to do: "However, there is a certain level of excellence - legally or otherwise - that the really great author possesses that has nothing to do with intelligence and probably cannot be learned. It was a great composer.

There is also a literary talent, I think, that primarily exists in putting oneself in a position to accept only what they accept, what they foresee, to declare what they must declare, to think what they must think, to sense what they must emotion.

There were two lessons he learned: "I think I was on the way to good typing in my first year at Georgetown College. P.A. Orr was a Canadian and a damn tough grade; and he gave a write order every weekenda. It was not customary for me to get the B-Minus I got on my first commissions, so every week-end of my first term I dedicated many turbulent lessons to typing and transcribing.

" Following studies at Harvard and several years of practice, Justice Scalia lectured at the University of Virginia School. There he once again learnt what it took to become a good writer: "Hopefully (in one semester) what I have been teaching are the conditions for self-perfection in the field of literature, these are two things:

There is a huge distinction between good and written; and (2) the realisation that it will take a lot of energy and perspiration to turn the former into the latter. TheseĀ are the three main lesson that Justice Scalia learnt over a lifetime or so of typing.

As for the mind? But it should be a big help that you don't have to be a master mind to write well, that you can teach the trade as long as you invest your own efforts and work. Is there really no link to IQ and a good author?

"However, I believe that there is at least this link between good handwriting and intellect: it is my personal record that a negligent, slovenly author has a negligent, negligent minds.

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