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This may contain several documents, each of which must have been written in the last five years. Some examples are short stories or a part of a novel for fiction writers, biographies or personal essays for non-fiction authors or a selection of poems for poetry students. We' re working with organisations around the world to make their words work harder. An author is a person who uses written words in different styles and techniques to communicate their ideas. It' also mysterious.

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We help you differentiate yourself from your competition we've made a difference we've changed that from the competition'; we've felt livelier' (second brains comments), we're improving your customer experience, shaping your corporate identity and even making and saving you cool and tough non-native-speaking people may not get what'cold' or'hard' means here (editorial comments) at all.

So, if you feel like join the good ship's writer, have a look. Would you like to know if the sound is profitable? Above all, however, there are many indications of how a language program can pay off in the long term. That' s why in our latest podcast we have invited a few professionals, Rachel Eyre and Professor Jenni Romaniuk, to speak about the practice and theory behind differentiating your brands.

We' ve thought about everything from crises communication and Ts&Cs to cultural transformation and market-orientation.

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