Tips to Write a good novel

Writing a good novel

This is the short description on the back of the book. So, how do you write a really great blurb? Good luck otherwise! Do not take my advice as absolute. It is an art, and consider it as such.

As one writes the end of the novel

The first 10 pages contain lots of tips on how important it is to involve the readers at the beginning and make an impression in the first part. What about the fact that the readers want to buy your next volume? When your end is sucking, it can let a poorly tasting in the reader's mouth and will make sure they don't want to be reading your next one.

So, here are some hints for typing extensions for your novels: That'?s rotten and the readers don't let themselves be deceived. From' How Not To Use A Novel. That is one of C's great hints. In this article Patrick Schulze talks about writers. It is possible to astonish the readers, but they must also be satisfied.

It should be more than a possible end of a textbook, so that the readers do not give up simply because they know what will be. It' Worthwhile to anticipate this ending with clues in the remainder of the volume so that they are amazed, but it is not entirely out of the sky.

That is also reflected in the frustration of the two-way finishes in Kim's Craft blog. Don't forgetting to finish the script (or declare that it is a trilogy!). Recently I was reading "The Passage" by Justin Cronin, a very clunky post-apocalyptic, mainly hype novel. An awesome woofer pointed out that the volume is the first in a series!

But that doesn't apologize for the sense of frustration, because the brilliant'Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins are also the first in a triology and pack the history and still lead to the next game. Astonish the readers and definitely bind the lost ends (I loathe subplots that are simply abandoned!) @graywave, creator of'TimeSplash' Think of the greatest, most overwhelming last clash you can.

Make it big. @AlanBaxter, writer of'Realmshift' I always begin with the notion of where I'm going, makes it so much simpler to get there! What are your hints for ending types?

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