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The Novellas work best when they focus on one topic or idea. The main character of a good novella serves as a guide for the reader. You can read examples of an amendment. These are some tips to help. Bestseller short writing tips.

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When you are writing for the e-book arena, the capability to type in brief is a distinct advantage: E-book users choose to get a whole episode in one go. Writing less allows you to spend more time. If you publish more than that, you have more chance of winning. On the other hand, the poor advice is that writing briefly demands that you have a slightly different range of long writing technique fictions than mastering them.

When I returned in September, my e-book publishers asked me to create a 30,000-word novella for an ecology. Can' t just type! Simply contact my Bantam editor: she said I should keep my book about 100,000 words. A healthy author (translation: organised and methodical) who recognises her overwhelming obsession would have thought for a while BEFORE she starts BEFORE she begins her novella.

As if I wanted to have a seat and make history BEFORE I make history. I' ve found out what I do best: writing actions and dialogues. Next I got myself going to unleash myself to create actions and dialog, and raced through all the funny shouting moments. Obviously I have NOT typed in the order of time.

But I have learnt that it is counterproductive to force myself to create a sequence that won't be made. So, I leapt forward and relied on my face to create a bright sequence to insert the hole later. In all the sequences in which the character interacts (more tension) I reworked and inserted another "relationship scene" to connect the ends.

I' ve got to say, I think the whole thing has turned out very well! Then I struck my period (by a mile,) I came below my verbal boundary (by several thousand words,) and ended up with a firmly worded novella that stands out like a ball from line one. The best of all, the novella is a background to Seduction by an Angel and Devil in Texas (Books 3 and 4 in my Velvet Lies Series.) I have provisionally called the novella, Shady Lady, but I have no clue if the "will stay.

Have you got tips for writing "short" or an amendment?

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