Tips for first Time Book Writers

Advice for the first timebook authors

Since I find out how to outline a novel of my own, here are five tips I have picked up from plotters about how to get it done well. After the first five pages, the hooking-in of the reader does not stop. First time we heard the joke? I' ve tried to get a presentation for my very first book, I always find a common theme. Don't try to make it perfect the first time.

Writing advice from first authors over 40 years of age (6 pieces)

Out of this work and the confused thoughts of the young I envisioned a certain expiry date for my work. When I turned 27, then 37 and then 40 years old, I began to have a longer perspective on publisher career and realised how stupid it was to think that authorhood had some kind of expiry date.

And then I turned around on Facebook and found six astonishing girls who began to publish after 40 years. I' ve turned to them for motivating advices for people over 40. Here are 6 tips from contributors who did not allow people to live to be 40 years old to achieve their publisher's objectives.

"When you write, be true. When you cry, when you write part of your volume, fine. When you laugh while you write part of your volume, it' excel. Cathy Lamb, 47, her first novel, Julia's Chocolates (Kensington Publishing), was released in 2007, when she was forty years old.

Their latest novel, What I Remember Most, was released in 2014. Obviously we are old enough to know a lot" - Tammy Vreeland, 48, released her first novel, The Folks, in 2007. The Seal of Souls, her 6th volume, was released in 2014. Katherine Towler, 58, released Snow Island (MacAdam/Cage and Plume/Penguin), her first novel in 2002.

Tupelo Press released her latest novel, A God in the House:Poets Talk About Faith, co-edited by Ilya Kaminsky when she was 55 years old. Sonja Yoerg, 54, began her d├ębut novel on Tierintelligenz, Clever as a Fox (Bloomsbury USA, 2001) before turning to the fictional with the upcoming novel House Broken (Penguin/NAL, 2015).

Recognize that someone will hates your letter. But if you look at enough 1-star review of what you think is good, you'll find that they are really crazy. In 2012 the first volume in their triology, the Olivia Chronicles, published by blood sisters, and in 2014 the second, Brigitte's Cross.

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