Things to Remember when Writing a Book

What you should consider when writing a book

Do you remember your child, your feelings, childhood memories, worries and joys. Here Tim Ferriss goes into what he means here: Keep in mind that there are many alternatives to writing a book. I'll be typing a book in a week. What's a book report?

Ten Things to Remember When You Write a Book - Emma Gannon

And I wanted to make a little playlist of things I kept in my heads so I wouldn't lose my senses in the last few month. At first I wrote this on my instagram, but then I thought I would also put it on the web. Although I have bright and bright people around me - my parents, my parents, my contemporaries and my authors - I can't ask them to cheer me up every five-minute when I' m working on my work.

I am also used to getting immediate feedbacks, an instagram "like" here, or a blogs entry "share" there. and it' a long, old trial. I really loved sticking my tooths in something long and it was rewarding for the high times when I was satisfied with a set, or I repaired something I sweat about.....

Apparently you have an assistant there (hooray, and my assistant Robyn Druryis is working at pep-talks) and an editorial staff will be there as soon as the first design is submitted to make it even better. Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year. I' d like to write a more detailled article, but here are the first things that came to my mind:

Keep in mind that you are writing this for a certain purpose. Be it for a big thing, a private thing or simply because it is something you always wanted to do, always remember it. Put it on a Post-It, put it on your notebook. Type what you really think first, THEN even work on you last.

It' a long procedure with a lot of processing times, so put things out to tender and let them remain there for a while. Besides: The web is full of free and excellent advices! Even if you should take some things with a dash of it. I' m reading a lot of them.

Don't say what you think, but what you want. It' creepy as hell, but better than writing something you don't quite believe. It is astonishing to be able to write something you believe in! Maintain a clean spirit. You may have this argument in your brain like any other relationships you ever wanted.

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