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Things a writer's "craft" is? Writing lessons, exercises and readings: Here is another example from a college sociology textbook:. Buy your next used book or textbook now. Note: This course is completely online and does not require a textbook.

The Writers' Trade - Kendall Dunkelberg

An inaugural, imaginative text uses a one-of-a-kind, cross-genre method to teach pupils a wide range of skills and treat them as professionals. An inaugural, imaginative text uses a one-of-a-kind, cross-genre method to teach pupils a wide range of skills and treat them as professionals.

Starting with the discussion of items shared by all styles, this volume underlines the importance of understanding good typing before engaging in a style and encourages authors to look beyond their own style expectation and learnt from other styles. It then dedicates a section to each of the most important literature genres: literature, poetics, drama as well as cinematography.

The stylistic episodes offer a deep comparison of the different styles, giving pupils a full appreciation of creativeness as a subject and encouraging them to be creatively minded.

Red Level (1998, hardcover, student edition of the textbook)

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Female teacher publishes a textbook on creativity literature.

Dr. Kendall Dunkelberg, Mississippi University for Women's Arts and Design Principal Writer, will be publishing the opening textbook "A Writer's Craft: multi-genre creative writing" with Palgrave Macmillan from London. "I never thought it would be so widespread," says Dunkelberg when he created the textbook from memos he took for his school.

"I was unhappy with the text books I had used and felt it was going out on my own." Recognizing the need for an accessible and balanced cross-genre textbook, he passed the script on to fellow students at other colleges who invited him to do so. "It was an interesting collaboration with a publishing house in London and a manufacturing firm in India," Dunkelberg added.

This textbook begins with several sections that encourage pupils to study skills of creativeness used by authors of all styles such as creativeness, speech, image, personality and perspective. Then, little by little, we move on to sections on the categories of non-commercial books, novels, poetry and dramatic art, ending with a section on new types of electronic literary that combine these two.

With the editorial processes almost completed, Dunkelberg will press ahead with the development of an accompanying website with extra resource and discussion for pupils and schoolteachers. At the Association of Writers and Workers Program's yearly meeting, he has lectured on the subject of creatively written articles and regularly posts about creatively written articles on his log.

A Mississippi Arts Commission scholar in 2016, he was awarded two Fulbright Scholarships to go to Belgium to pursue a degree and teaching, and a Mellon Scholarship to complete his degree in Compare Literary Science at the University of Texas at Austin. "A Writer's Craft" is his first textbook and is available at, in bookshops and onlinelist.

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