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Elements of Style is the definitive text and classic handbook on the principles of the English language, read by millions of readers. FIRST writer I saw at work was my stepfather, E.B. White. Réviews (of books, music, film, restaurants, etc.

). If you think about style, think first of the clothes people wear. Use this style manual to improve your writing skills.

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The Elements of Style (1918), William Strunk's "Make every world tell " recommendations focused on the use and maintenance of good typefaces: "The book framed this in a tripartite that is attributed to an authoritative lecturer: In the 1959 issue White's extensions to the provisional paragraphs include the introduction essays (derived from his journal Fature Stories about Prof. Strunk) and the final section "An-Appach to Style ", a wider, more descriptive guideline for writing in English.

The Elements of Style also appeared in the second (1972) and third (1979) issues, which until then had 85 pages. In the third issue of The Elements of Style (1979) there are 54 points: a listing of the most frequent mistakes in the use of words; 11 rule of Puncton and Graphics; 11 principle of writing; 11 questions of shape; and, in Chap. V, 21 memories for a better style.

Reflecting the theme of The Elements of Style, the last memory, the twenty-first, "Prefer the standart to the offbeat", is a discreet essays on writing clear essays. 3 ] To be good at writing, White recommends authors to have the right attitude that they should be writing to please themselves and that they "strive for a moments of happiness", a sentence by Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94).

So Strunk's 1918 recommendation: Powerful writing is succinct. In the 1979 issues and later, Strunk Jr. no longer has a decimal point in his name, as he has a modernised style suggestion for punctuation of such a name. New in the 4th issue are a preface by Roger Angell, step-son of E. B. White, an epilogue by the US culture editor Charles Osgood, a dictionary and an index.

After five years, the 4th issue was released as The Elements of Style Illustrated (2005) with illustration by Maira Kalman. In this issue, Charles Osgood's epilogue is excluded and the first section on orthography is restored. The critique of Strunk & White has largely concentrated on the assertion that it is a prescription, or that it is a general anchronism in the face of contemporary British use.

Geoffrey Pullum, Associate Professor of Lingustics at Edinburgh University and co-author of The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (2002), criticised this: In On Writing (2000, p. 11), Stephen King writes: "There is little or no verifiable nonsense in this book.

I' m going to tell you right now that any future author should be reading the style as well. "Stylistic features. Composes in 1918 and prints in 1919. Items of style. Items of style. Items of style. Items of style. Illustrates the style features. a ^ a barcd " The Elementa of Style"[copyright 1920].

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