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Here you will find helpful customer reviews and evaluations for The Story: That's what The Story is about: the story of the Bible, God's great love for mankind. With the clear, accessible text of the NIV Bible, the stories, poems, and teachings of the Bible can be read like a novel. Bible as an ongoing story of God and His nation (excerpts from the new international version)

The congregation selected this book not only as a survey within our life groups, but also for our week-long sermon. We' ve also looked at the video clips that accompany the book. Prepare to have an abridged copy of the Bible. I' m studying K. J. V., so the story was fast and simple to tell.

When I gave my 13-year-old grandchild a copy, I thought he had a better understanding of the overall Old and New Testament notion.

Bible as an ongoing story of God and His tribe, NIV by Randy Frazee

It is a shortened, chronicle Bible that is like a novel. To those who are frightened or overcome by the uncut Bible, history will help men to better comprehend God's Word and to deal with it more readily. Facilitated, available and straightforward to use, congregations find history a mighty way to keep their own folk engaged in Bible study like never before.

While history will bring the Bible to live, the wide spectrum of God's messages will permeate souls. Individuals of all age are involved in the story of God's passion and God's purpose for their being. It is God who makes great efforts to save those who are missing and wounded. That' s what The Story is about: the story of the Bible, God's great passion for Mankind.

The story is divided into 31 available sections and introduces you to the development of biblical personalities and happenings from Genesis to Revelation. With the clear, approachable text of the NIV Bible, the Bible's histories, poetry, and doctrines can be interpreted like a novel. And, like any good story, the story is full of intrigues, dramas, conflicts, romances and salvation; and this story is it!

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This is the parents' guideline to what this book says. The teenage reading is romantically thoughtful enough to get the minds of teenagers to work on issues of anxiety and accepts. There is a communiqué here about how to learn to embrace both the good and the evil in our own lifes, for each story is "a line or a passage in our own manuscripts of life".

Cricket's whole familiy, which includes her mum, her brother and her loyal puppy, is a caring team. Although her father and father were separated, Cricket's father beat their mum when they were remarried and was a menacing face afterwards. Some other teenagers are even found partly cloaked. Tavern owners smoke pot, and toddlers, teenagers too, are drinking.

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