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The renowned historian Alan Brinkley portrays Henry Luce, probably the most important publisher of the 20th century. All at the publisher are very friendly. The Birkhäuser publishing house specializes in architecture, landscape architecture and design. Our publications in a variety of media include:. The Voice of the Publisher (VP) is a multi-target publication that allows authors a free choice of topic for discussion and presentation.

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Founded like the bookshop of the college, he was borne in a 1960 province of Rome, when the college bookshops were on the frontier of small publishing houses. He wrote his first volume in 1963, but the actual transition from a bookstore to a publisher came with a big and gamble: a project: His most important books include all linguistic books of the Società di Linguistica Italiana (SLI) and the Italianistica Department in Florence; the historical books of the "Centro Studi Europa alla Corti, e di Antico Regime".

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About the publisher

The Birkhäuser publishing house specializes in architectural, landscaping and aesthetic work. Our work is published in a large number of media, e.g.: While our periodicals impart hands-on know-how, they are also known worldwide as "well-designed". You will soon notice that Birkhäuser works will take you one stage further in your scientific and occupational careers!

The Birkhäuser company will continue to operate from Basel. Since time immemorial, Birkhäuser has been setting high benchmarks. You have an outstanding global footprint. I' m still very glad that we decided on Birkhäuser to ensure the world-wide sales of our manual to Ph. In the meantime, Constructing Architecture has been released in seven different languages and has been upgraded with the help of the Birkhäuser family.

Your help with the publication of several of our latest issues has enabled us to meet our demands - to make up-to-date information from our research and education available to those who need it in their daily work. Besides organizing the book programme, I appreciate their commitment to making useful and optically attractive textbooks.

Birkhäuser - not least because this approach to the world of publication has increasingly become an exceptional one. I have had consistently good experience with Birkhäuser Verlag. I' ve always had the feeling that they value substantive and lasting qualities. This is the motto under which the employees of Birkhäuser have joined forces and expanded.

Birkhäuser's works are of consistent high standard in terms of both contents and technical aspects and are appreciated by the architecture world. The Birkhäuser editors support writers in defining, producing and editing their work. Neither a dominant nor a laissez-faire part, the ensemble is respectful of an author's ideas and at the same time provides conceptional and hands-on advices that promote a prolific typing proces.

The word is synonymous with top-class! Our publication concepts are thoroughly supported and prepared with a high measure of expert knowledge. Likewise, the design of the copies of the Birkhäuser book is beautiful and appealing - all this contributes to the feeling of being of high standard. Emphasis is on making good book, not many of them!

I know from discussions with my peers that the name Birkhäuser alone is seen as a sign of excellence that helps to spread know-how. And last but not least, Birkhäuser's global orientation and wide-ranging advertising offer - an outstanding partner for interesting new contacts. Over the last 12 years we have worked with Birkhäuser on three volumes about the firm's work.

We' re very satisfied with their expertise, their appreciation of our designing processes and the excellence of their work. Hopefully we can work with Birkhäuser on many more Birkhäuser work. Excellently printed in terms of lay-out and printing technology, Birkhäuser's works are at the top of a serious debate on the subject of architectural issues, covering a wide spectrum of topics, especially for professionals.

With the emergence of new ways of architecture the requirements for designing are becoming ever more complicated and call for ever new interpretations. Birkhäuser's work forms a peculiar basis for the architect to fall back on the know-how and experiences of the past and adapt to the changed needs of the contemporary age. Birkhäuser has published the most important architectural literature for me.

Birkhäuser is not only smart but also attractive, which is of great importance to me especially in the age of online publication.

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