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AMAZON - BARNES & NOBLE - LOCAL BOOKSEARDER. The Perfect Proposal is specialized in wedding planning, wedding proposals and romantic events. Purchase a cheap copy of Liz Fielding's book A Perfect Proposal. The LoveBook is the perfect paper for wedding proposals! Situated romantically between the breathtaking mountain range of the Twelve Apostles and the Atlantic Ocean, the hotel is the perfect place for the perfect proposal.

Katie Fforde's perfect suggestion

The Sophie Apperly people have never taken her seriously. When her best mate Milly invited her to New York, she took the opportunity. It' gonna do her ingrates some good to get along without her for a while. America keeps the keys to resolving their family's pecuniary problems, even if they don't merit their help.

When Sophie meets the light of Manhattan, she is resolved to savor every single second of her great adventures. When a night in an artworks room sets her on her way from Matilda, a temperamental old woman who is inviting her to Thanksgiving in Connecticut, Sophie gladly takes it on, much to the horror of Matilda's grandchild Luke.

Not an opponent for the impressive Matilda, he finally gives in, but first he has a suggestion to make. He' gonna help Sophie keep her wife and daughter from ruining her money if she pays back the favor.

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This is a beautifully Romantic novel by the Sunday Times bestseller writer No. 1 of Recipe for Love, A French Affair and The Perfect Match. After spending her whole lifetime liking others, Sophie Aperly realizes that her familiy regards her less as an essential asset and more as a general dog body, and that she has enough.

When an old girlfriend gives her the best of her life, she chooses to exchange Little England for the Big Apple and sets off for the country of possibilities. When Sophie meets the light of Manhattan, she is resolved to savor every single second of her great adventures.

Matilda, a temperamental grand lady of New York company, inviting her to Connecticut for Thanksgiving, gladly embraces it. Matilda, a native of England, is happy about her new girlfriend - although her grandchild Luke, indisputably handsome but angrily overweening. A few week later, when Luke arrived in England, Sophie hardly expected him to find her.... But Matilda herself has devised some complex schemes - and so Luke has a suggestion.....

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