The Notebook Book Review

Notebook Book Review

but if you think that was silly, don't pick up that book. This notebook is a touching story of true and infinite love in its purest form and the power and magic of love to defy all adversity. And I was going to write a book about this kind of love. This notebook is a contemporary love story from before and after the Second World War. Allie and Noah spend a wonderful summer together, but their family and such.

Nicholas Sparks' notebook

Amidst the rugged ruggedness of the North Carolina coastline, The Notebook begins the tale of Noah Calhoun, a Southern peasant who recently came back from the Second World War. He restores a factory to its former splendour and is struck by pictures of the pretty little woman he saw fourteen years before. A woman he loves like no other.

Not able to find them, but not ready to leave the summers they had together, Noah is satisfied to just be living with memory.... until she suddenly comes back to his city to see him again. Noah and Allie's tale is just the beginning, like a jigsaw game. It' a history of wonders and emotion that will always be with you.

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This notebook, a "tragic" romance by Nicholas Sparks, may be close to some people's hearts, but I think it leaves a lot to be desired. a lot to be desired. lt's a great book. It all begins in a care home where the reader meets the older, rheumatic Noah, who is reading a novel from his "notebook", another inhabitant of the clinic, a young woman who is very close to his heart.....

It is clear, as the tale unfurls, that the notebook is more of a journal than anything else, giving an idea of Noah's backgrounds and retrospects of the young man's lives, especially his relation to Allie and the feelings that followed her disappearance.

Soon after, the novel Allie turns the perspective around when she chooses to give Noah, her first true (not to speak of "forbidden") relationship, an incentive in the hope that it will give her more trust, that she will make the right choice to marry her fiancé Lon, whose marriage will take place in a few short time.

But seeing Noah returns many unsolved emotions, and the two quickly realise that they are in love again. Is Allie going to be loyal to her own core or will she be loyal to the man she wants to be marrie? Come on, it's Nicholas Sparks, you tell me. This notebook earns three star, because I actually was expecting more.

All this, the sinister wish to make you read in spite of my interest behind all the frenzy, was what made the notebook really valuable.

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