The more you Write the better you get

And the more you write, the better you get.

Try to write every day or, if possible, several times a day. The more you write, the better you get. Hugo There are two ways to become a better writer. My secret of the championship is that the more you do it, the harder it gets. I' m writing more and more.

Writing more textbooks makes it more difficult (The Secret of Championship)

I recently completed my fifth volume. It'?s difficult to write a volume. However, what surprised me in my work, what I would never have learnt if I hadn't chosen to use my life's work for it, is this: More you do it, the more difficult it gets.

Sure, there are parts that become less strenuous, such as the development of the event, every single working days, or your capacity to spell a phrase that is graphically accurate. However, it can also show how much more you need to thrive. With my editor having my latest work ( "it should be published next sommer, by the way), I'm impressed by the realisation that the process of creating it has been tougher, more gruelling and more meticulous than any other work I' ve done so far.

No, the reality is I'm afraid. It is no wonder that authors are known for their mental and physical state. More you do it, the better you do it, the worst you'll be. Mystery of the championship is that the more you do it, the more difficult it gets.

That applied to me when I had completed the second design of my last volume and found that I was not even half way to a completed work. It was at this point in my last volume that I was done and happy with my work. For me, a best-selling novel was one I would not be proud of.

While you are growing in your trade, you become more self-confident. It is this wisdom that makes you mortifying and better. With this in mind, when we have accomplished a great work, like a work of art, there is often this feeling of incompleteness, even empty. This is what my boyfriend Joe said when he made his memoirs the same date I was finish.

However, the reality is that even when a finished textbook is written, it does not give you the feeling of contentment that you think it might be. That' s why I began to work on a new one at the moment I handed in my work. There is more to tell about your history, more work to do, more to do.

This means you're getting better. One time Socrates said the more he knew, the more he realised he didn't. As I get older, I'm less willing to give advices and more reluctant to agree - just because I realise more and more that I have no clue what I'm about.

Though I write my fifth volume, which is essentially narrative-driven personality growth, I offer less counsel and just try to tell some tales that I found intriguing. Improving means that you focus more on yourself and less on what other human beings do. And the more you make, the better you get.

However, since your ability to do better work is increasing so often, it tastes good to you. However, as you expand, what you can make will be more in line with what you like. I' ve worked on this one more hard than any other one. Yet I am more concerned, more fearful, more insecure about this work than anything I have ever done.

To me that's a letter. There' s not a goddamn thing. I' never want to be done with my paper, and I' never want to give it up. That means you understand the profundity of your trade better. As I continue to type, I realise what it takes to be a big writer and how far I still have to go.

It is the purpose of the letter to be written. However, I still enjoy it more. That' s what I myself pledged when I began this trip five years ago - if only I could make a livelihood, I would. Now, if you'll pardon me, I must start with Book Number Six.

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