The more you Write the better you get

And the more you write, the better you get.

Attempt to write every day or, if possible, several times a day. And the more you write, the better you get. The longer you take care of a piece of writing, the worse it gets for most people. You' re not gonna see that on any other list, how to become a better writer. Have more fruit if you have to.

Typing: The more you practise, the better you will become

It is part of your task to give your kids the writing, the reading of what they have composed. First part of this set (Home-schooling? Yes, you can write to your child) was aimed at many home-schooling teachers who want to write to their kids because they - the teachers - have no knowledge of German at all.

They are confident that grammar is important for good grammar, so they buy work books for their 6-year-olds that introduce them to substantives, verses, adjectives, adverse, prapositions and conjunction. In addition, an older kid can collect them relatively quickly. However, what is hard to grasp without consequent and continuous practical experience is the real composing processes of the letter.

The more you write, the better you write. During our whole school days, the letter was to sit down and write for a certain amount of while. Young kids spend 15 mins, older kids up to an hours a day. For most of the session, the topic was the child's business, and when they were completely confused ("I can't think of anything else but writing" was enough in a small child's head to get rid of the task), I gave them three options, one of which they had to choose.

In general, before they decided on this option, they found something to write about. If you' re not a copywriter ('and most folks aren't), you're probably enough to see blatant errors yourself, saying, "I did it before he came. "The more you and your kid work together on your books, the better you two will get.

Secondly - and this is the most important thing - I have been reading and absorbing the contents, asking about things I have not understood and asking for information about dark points. Since the main aim of the letter is to send a signal, the kid - the author - would see this through my bewilderment.

When your kids get older and have interests outside your own, your educational issues become more authentic. This is how we raised the issue of pronouns muddle. On another occasion, with a page of text that kept my eye open, I implemented the idea of splitting text into heels.

Well, I know it seems like it's taking a long way to do all this stuff. However, if you don't care to correct every error (and there will be many), you can make it through your child's - or children's - day-to-day performance in a timely manner. Use the other members of your home - an older kid can occasionally study the work of a younger kid, and both will draw a lesson.

Part III of this paper goes on, you can give your children the skills to write in reality. Fast, easy answers to issues like "Do I say him and me or him and me" to help you write and learn confidently. is a free-lance journalist and contributor to the This Woman Writes magazine (

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