The more you Read the better you Write

More you read, the better you write

" The more you read, the more you know. So the more you know, the smarter you get. Make the most of the books you read with this reading process summary and worksheet. If you read more, you become a writer. Co-operative is a community of people who help each other to write better.

Read why? Lot #7. And the more you read, the better they get.

You have two ways to become a better writer: write a great deal and read a great deal. It is inextricably linked to literacy. Better authors have a trend to be extraordinary readership, and better readership can generate extraordinary writings. An unreading author is like a musical artist who doesn't hear or a film-maker who doesn't see film.

Well-read writers have a better lexicon (see Twain's quotation above), recognize the nuance of speech and distinguish between bad and good handwriting. You may have read about another author, Stephen King, said: When you don't have enough reading space, you don't have the necessary write space (or tools).

? It will help us to connect to our own experience and emotion, so that it will make you a better author and a better communicator. There is nothing inspiring us as authors, be it a note, a diary post, a review or the next great US novel, like to read someone else's words. When they read the winner's roster, he really hoped that one of his word games would be the winner, but unfortunately no word game out of ten won.

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More you read, the better you write

For many IELTS contenders, task 2 is a great challange. If you are so fortunate that the subject is of direct interest to you, it is somehow a real challange for an undergraduate economist to write an article on climatology. In my own experiences, the best tip I have learnt so far that can help you learn to write better and acquire some wisdom is to read more.

If this is the first time you listen to "read more", you probably think of the National Geographic Magazine, full of ideas and ideas you've never listened to before; or the serious policy problems in other lands, which are so complex and disconcerting for you, don't concern, it's definitely not what I mean here (unless you find it interesting that it continues).

I encourage you to be more specific, beginning with something really general and something that interests you; in general in relation to subjects (everyday subjects, health, environmental questions ) and in relation to analyses (comparison and contrasts, causes, consequences, proposals). They can read newspapers and educational web sites, where the way of typing is simple and interesting, yet provides general information.

Subjects are more specialized and the degree is much higher. Now that you have a good source of information, you can read the IELTS theme idea. There is no need to remember these terminology or these high school vocabulary, what you should keep to yourself are the notions.

Like you read, you can create a basic mindmap so that you can override later. Like when I read about doing my errands on line. Not only does practising help you to enhance your summary abilities, but you also get many good things to use for IELTS. Also, if you get used to this custom, it is much simpler when it comes to the examination days, you have your thoughts intact.

As you read, you will find out how writers organise their own concepts, how they use different typesetting patterns, how they thus of course mix the language they use. You' ll also see how the writers choose samples, causes and implications to help their primary notion. Finally, it is indeed a good practice for IELTS nominees to read.

First, choose a good resource for general idea, create a basic card as you read, and then concentrate on the link between them. You should try to keep up this practice, even if you have reached IELTS, because I believe that the more you read, the more you study, the better you write. Please click here to go back to the homepage or click on one of the below mentioned hyperlinks to find out more about IELTS.

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It' s your passions that motivate you to watch British messages for long periods of time, hear hundred of British tunes or read twenty British textbooks in a single months.

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