The Idea in you Book

Idea in your book

Helping global companies to have big ideas. It'?s my first book. Otegha Uwagba's Sunday Times bestseller ebook. Have you ever read books similar to this one?

In fact, we all have an idea within us.

Idea in you, how you find it, how you construct it and how you are changing your way of living by Martin Amor

Have you got an idea in you? Idea in You is a bullet-proof system to find the right idea and lead to your own conditions. It is possible to realize your idea - and it will be one of the most inspirational and stimulating experience of your time.

Finding, building and changing your own way of living by Martin Amor and Alex Pellew

When you are willing to take your first step into the entrepreneurial realm but are not sure what you want to do or how you will do it, this book will be a precious reading for you. But, if you have been learning business and human growth for some considerable amount of study, this may not be the book for you, as you would probably have already learned of all the principles and theories.

To me, the most precious part of this book was the first 50 pages on which the writers explain how the idea comes about. Overall, the value you derive from this book strongly depends on where you are on your own educational and developmental trip. That was a hard book for me.

It' very well entitled and does exactly what it says on the front page, it will tell you how to find an idea - how to be innovative and imaginative - and how you can use that idea to start a company and make a difference in your world. It is also very motivating and inspires you as an enterpriser.

It' packed with tales from other designers of how they found their idea and how they made it a success, along with some pointers, suggestions and advices for those who come up with new ones and start their corporate road. Those creation tales are precious, but I am covering them again in the negative about this book that will soon be published.

Returning to the positive, another great thing about this book is that it has a very precious resources section in the back. Back to the creators' tales, although I thought some of them were good and improved the book, there was a pair that I thought didn't really fit what the book was about.

When someone wants to buy this book, he wants to find an idea, he wants to be an enterpriser, he wants to set up a company and he doesn't want to be hanging around. You didn't go looking for an idea to set up a deal. Throughout this period, they just worked on it as a side issue.

A further downside was that when I began looking at this book, my eye began to browse the pages instead of just looking at every single words, as I usually do. That is why I have already reread or listened to much of the information contained in this book. However it says that if you are a brand new one to the worlds of business and individual growth, then all this information is going to be new to you, and therefore it is going to be interesting, and hopefully means that you don't end up sky-simming like I did.

Hopefully you can see why I am in an awkward situation, how I should evaluate this book. The book was simple to look at and provided invaluable information for new business owners, but I didn't find it particularly interesting or groundbreaking.

Well, the ideas in here are very widespread in the field of human evolution, so I haven't learned anything new. It says here you'll find an idea, and I found an idea. If this is a good or a poor book depends on who you are and where you are on your business trip.

When you are at the very beginning, this book is a very useful reading for you. So if you've been around this stadium for a long while, you've probably already listened to everything that's in here and I'd suggest you miss it. Even though I sincerely wish you value my book review, my reasons for doing it are entirely egotistical.

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