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One sentence or central theme of the novel could include: There are three main conflicts in the novel. Help: A novel by Kathryn Stockett. New York State Library maintains the NOVELNY Help Desk from Monday to Friday. New editors clean up and criticize your work.

Critical review of the novel Die Hilfe

Skeeter finds the completion of the script with Aibileen and Minny both illuminating and freeing. It recognizes what the servants go through every day, and even repeatedly reflects their satisfaction in the novel. Stuart thinks she's submissive and timid, but when Hilly finds what she thinks is very libertarian writing, Skeeter has to crouch and tell lies to persuade Hilly that what she's doing is inoffensive.

A conscientious young woman, Skeeter has taken her mother's concerns about her poor romance to the forefront. Skeeter even asks her mum, dull as always, if she favors woman over man. Skeeter's eye makes Minny and Minny less mysterious and less likeable. One single phrase or subject of the novel could include:

The example under sex would be the length of times a woman should be lucky. Sceeter wanted to be a novelist. Among the classes, the notebook tells how flimsy Elizabeth Leefolt's house and clothes were. Hilly helped to complete the outbuilding for Aibileen. Skeeter, Hilly, Celia and Elizabeth visit the Junior League Benefit, but their servants are also working on it.

Celia is said to have gotten remarried above her ward because she comes from Sugar Ditch, a very impoverished part of Mississippi. Afterwards Johnny Foote visited Ole Miss together with Hilly and Skeeter. And, since he was running in the same community, while the novel doesn't emphasize how he was doing, because Celia needs a servant girl to help clean her villa, Johnny has it.

At first Celia was worried that Minny would not take the position because the villa is quite big. After Minny got put on Hilly's blacklist. A further clue to Johnny's riches is how much Minny gets remunerated. She' s working more part-time for Celia than full-time, to be resumed.

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