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Help: Report from Mississippi. You can read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This is a book about the writing of a book on African-American aid by African-Americans. Review of Kathryn Stogett's'Die Hilfe'. Awesome characters, great actors help to jump on the big screen.

Kathryn Stockett's Help - Review | Literature

This book is told by three very different women: Minny, a dark maidservant who can't keep a career because of her warm mind, Aribileen, another dark maidservant who raises her'seventeenth young girl', and Miss Skeeter, at the other end of the range, a young girl who wants to become a novelist.

Since her youth she has been reared by dark servants and yearns to find out why her beloved maidservant, Constantine, has vanished. Help is the dark society that spends its life raising the kids of the whites of the upper classes.

Thankfully, Minny finds a new position with Miss Celia Foote, who is too new in the city for Minny to learn anything about her. The Aibileans and Minny have their own issues at home, but also in the environment of their work for the whites. As she has the brainchild to write a book about the terrible lives that help leads, the three girls work together, and the help reveals the horrible and incredible experience they have had in their work for the victims of discrimination.

That avoided fellowship is a big chance for the help, as if it could be immediately dismissed. It is Kathryn Stickett who succeeds in merging fact and fantasy in a perfect way, researching different feelings from sorrow to luck - sometimes all in the same heel. Not only has Stockett made a memorable, sometimes funny and completely dazzling history; this is also an informational piece of work that enlightens and educates the public about the lives of help in the Jackson, Mississippi segregation in the early 1960', using some of her own experience of growth in the far southern hemisphere.

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