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Kathryn Stockett's help is still at the top of the bestseller list. Post Smart: Editor of'The Help' and her eye for best-sellers Amy Einhorn's popularity as a result of an almost mystic editing intuition is spoken of by New Yorkers. Citing Ms. Einhorn's "good taste", her nostrils, eyes and belly, her unparalleled capacity to determine the kind of book that tens of millions of people want to have.

The majority of writers divide their popular literature from their more literature-based companies ("I had almost two heads," one journalist explained), which is why Mrs Einhorn's colleagues admire her work in the sometimes unsophisticated midst of clever, commercially-fictional work. There is a good reason for the admiration: In 2007, Mrs. Einhorn's first purchase of novels, which appeared in early 2009, was commissioned with a first novel by an anonymous author about servants and houswives in Jackson, Miss, to begin a print of the same name.

Kathryn Stockett's help is still at the top of the best-seller shortlist. However, attributing all Ms. Einhorn's achievement to her incredibly good tastes means overlooking the way in which her publisher strategy has been marked by maturing in the publisher sector at a moment of great change: her renunciation of big-name debuts or little-known authors refutes her dedication to becoming small and big; her prudent attitude to expanding her listing in a way that could lead to a lack of controls or excess headroom shows a reluctance towards an sector that is killing new footprints as quickly as it begins.

This emphasis on the higher level of good tastes also erodes the talent of Mrs. Einhorn, who has always been indispensable for effective publishing: her dedication to thorough editorial work and much excessive sales.

Kathryn Stockett's help

Prepare to date three memorable women: Prepare to date three memorable women: The 22-year-old Skeeter has just come home after graduation from Ole Miss. It may be graduated, but it's 1962, Mississippi, and her mom won't be lucky until Skeeter has a ring on her thimble.

Skeeter would normally find comfort with her dear servant Constantine, the wife who brought her up, but Constantine has vanished and no one will tell Skeeter where she has gone. An Aibilean is a dark maiden, a sage, royal lady who raises her 17th family. Minny, Aibileen's best girlfriend, is brief, bold and perhaps the hottest girl in Mississippi.

So Minny finds a job with someone too new in the city to know her name. Apparently as different as possible, these females will nevertheless come together in a secret venture that puts them all in danger. Cause they suffocate within the line that defines their city and their time.

Kathryn Stockett created three exceptional females whose resolve to launch their own movements changed a city forever and changed the way mums, girls, carers and boyfriends see each other. The Help is a profoundly touching novel full of sharpness, humour and hopes, a classic and universally told tale about the lineages we cling to and those we don't cling to.

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