The Game Book Review

Game book review

Neil Strauss, professional womanizer and author of The Game, was one of these men. I' ve had many women in my life who have embarrassed this book. Get helpful customer reviews and reviews for The Game: While some techniques are mentioned in the book, you cannot learn and apply anything from this book. In most cases the advice in the book is solid, well tested and better than what most people have - which is not a financial plan.

Observers' report: Neil Strauss's game | B├╝cher

Neil Strauss, one of these men was a women's pro and playwright of The Game. Strauss, a reporter and novelist, was a little jumpy, a little on the shortside, a little on the bald-side. Then, a libidinal boyfriend led him over the web into the realm of pick-up artist men who say they have broken the feminine appeal and who will be sharing it with their disappointed brothers for a substantial surcharge.

Strauss says it works. This game is really a book about the frailty of the masculine egos and how it takes shelter from the complexities of man's relationships in a childish worship of intercourse. It' s noteworthy how Strauss rockets up the rows of the pick-up brotherhood even before he has got as much as a hickey from a woman.

This is how charismaless most of those who walk around the chat rooms of Lotario are that anyone can take charge with a minimum of self-knowledge and humor. In most cases, these are estranged and malfunctional persons, some of whom were seriously injured during infancy through negligence or misuse. It' s regrettable for Strauss and his readers that it will take so long to realise that they would have received this confidence and this kind of assistance from those wives if they had chosen to do so.

Intruding into the secret society of pickup artists by Neil Strauss

Somewhere, in almost every big town in the whole wide globe, there is an subterranean temptation cave. In these caves, men are trading in the most devastating technique ever devised to enchant them. Neil Strauss, the best-selling writer, spends two years protecting his true personality under the pen name Style.

From AFC ( "average Frustrated Chump") to PUA ( "pick-up artist") to PUG ( "pick-up guru"), Strauss not only shared many inventive temptation skills, but also had memorable meetings with Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Heidi Fleiss and Courtney Love. Then things really begin to get weird - and passion leads to betrayal and force.

This game is the tale of a man's metamorphosis from wolf to princely one - to captive in the most memorable book of the year.

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