The Christian Bookstore

Christian Bookstore

Promote the Christian faith and serve the reading, listening, seeing, learning and teaching of the body of Christ. Christian Bookstore The desire, with the help of the Lord, to uphold a 53-year old fame, to carry the widest range of new, used and re-printed King James Bibles and Doctrinally Sounds music. The desire to be the only point of contact for churches and single Christians. Create a place where learners can receive material to flourish in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bibles, Books, Gospel CD's

We are located at 618 20th St. N., Bessemer, AL. Since December 2016 we have been under new leadership. We' re the former Christian Way bookshop. Identical site, new name and new executive board! We' ve refurbished and have more to give the town. Open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:30 and Saturday from 10:00 to 15:30, we are by nature a small company with fewer than 5 people, but we have a great ambition and a wish to be a lighthouse for those we work for.

More than just Christian books: Sundays school literature, commentaries, Christian greeting cards, J & L candle products, scented oils, Bible covers, holiday bible school, church accessories, clergy shirts, envelopes, tambourines, certificates, bibles and communion supplies. The following are some of the additional features we offer: Biblical engraving, piano lessons, signing lessons and book club meeting.

Saving the Christian Bookstore

When he prepared for the service the next day, he found that his congregation no longer had Communion food - a well-known issue. It was Jeff who got in the van and went to our little Christian bookstore in Bloomington, Indiana to get it. Between 1983 and 1993 we were selling everything from curriculums to candlelight, communion loaves and modern literature.

We' ve studied the literature we've written and we' re happy to sell it to clients, many of whom we know by first name and literacy. Respectable encyclopaedias and specialized textbooks, which corresponded to a felt need, remained on the shelves, sometimes collected dusts and waited for the right minister or client to come through the doorframe.

BLOMINGTON had three other Christian bookshops, all with the same type of book, product and service people. Over the last two centuries, the Christian retailing industry has taken a roll call. CBA ( "Christian Booksellers Association"), a Colorado Springs-based retailer organization, says it still had 3,000 members in an estimated 4,000 Christian retailer shops in the mid-1980s.

CBA now has 1,813 members in an approximate 2,800 businesses. The CBA added only 98 markets in 2007, up from 589 in 2006 and 437 in 2005. 161 in 2007, as against 286 in.... The subscription has full subscription rights. For fully digitized use.

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