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The Peachtree Publishers is a southern, independent specialist publisher specialising in: Blossom Company is the children's book publisher where stories really disappear! Search many types of children's books & authors, including fiction, audiobooks, classics & more. CBC membership is open to US children's book publishers and, in some cases, industry-related companies.

Children's literature in China 2017: Children's Fun Publishing House

The Egmont Group and Posts & Telecommunications Press form a partnership, so the abundance of international works in their 6,000 title catalog is not a surprise. However, the company's most singular specialisation is in the field of edutainment material in four categories: comic strips, photo albums, games/activity sets and children's music.

"We have been passing on fun to young people of all years since we were founded 23 years ago," says Ao Ran, Managing Director of Children's Fun Publishers. The company's range was launched in 1993 in the China issue of Mickey Mouse Magazin. "At that time there was no such children's journal in China, and ours became a platform that connected young people from China with their West colleagues and provided them with the best classic tales and figures to teach and love," says Ao.

Ever since, CFP's fame and position in the China children's book industry has been strengthened by licensing personalities such as Caillou, Miffy, Mr. Men and Little Miss, My Little Pony, Thomas & Friends, Tiger and Winnie the Pooh. Of the CFP alliances, the longest and most comprehensive is with Disney, giving the staff a deep insight into the needs of our customers' brands, markets and localisation.

CFP has shipped more than 1 billion CDNY (145 million dollars) of Disney stock in China. One of the company's best-selling publications in 2007, 80 Winnie the Pooh Stories for Personal Development, features 530,000 kits. Ao and his staff published a 17 Disney magazine on the occasion of the opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort last June; 9,800 copies were distributed within one single trading days.

Apart from the importance of the translations, 30% of the CFP catalog are originals, among them the best-selling comics The Legend of Nezha and Pleasant Goat and Big Big Big Wolf, both of which have solidly entrenched the company's brands and reputations in the heads of China's educators, students and schoolchildren. There are two major books on children's literature:

Other large-format originals will be included in the CFP catalog. In May last year, the club started the country's first Chinese-language readings, aged 4 to 8 years, all 29 of which are Disney-filled. "It is important to get to know the necessary terminology, education and contexts, do our home work with the help of English-speaking enthusiasts, fully appreciate what kids need, and work with professionals and scientists to develop the full programme.

It identifies the loopholes - and chances - in the children's publisher industry that need to be closed. "CFP recently launched the Bear's School, a photo book collection in Japan, to make literacy (and schooling) funnier, less stressed and more attractive.

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