The Boyfriend App Book

Boyfriend App Book

LBH: Katie Sise signs her new book "The Boyfriend App". udrey has an idea so simple yet so brilliant that she can't believe it's never been made: the boyfriend app. Audrey McCarthy can't wait to leave high school in Katie Sise's The Boyfriend App. The Boyfriend App: Buy Katie Sise's The Boyfriend App online at Australia's leading online eBook store.

Friend App - Katie Sise

This is a wise Cinderella tale with a technical turn for lovers of intelligent rom-com. Audrey McCarthy is there when Public Corporation, a huge technology firm, announced a competition for the best app designed by a high scholar - with a $200,000 award. She has an ingenuity that is so easy yet so bright that she can't believe it's never been done before: the Boyfriend App.

In order to defeat the competitors, Audrey must tackle a disgrace that would shake the public to the quick. Unexpectedly glorified and enthusiastically greeted by the sexiest boys at college, Audrey finds that her invention has plunged her entire lives into turmoil.... but can it make her truly do it?

Boyfriend App

It is also the primary cause that THE BOYFRIEND APP is unbelievably funny and likeable. We' re meeting her in her last year when she has four boyfriends, a terrific GPA and no schooling. But her outlook changes when she hears about the app-building competition Steve Jobs is hosting for high schools across the country: the kids who make the most beloved app and the most cutting-edge app each earn $200,000.

If Audrey hits upon the notion for a dating app that she calls (obviously) the boyfriend app, she begins to think that not only is she able to go to her fantasy high school, but that she might also be able to get her panties. "Although the protagonist of THE BOYFRIEND APP is enough to get fully involved, it is the way these themes are researched that makes the novel a great read."

Writer Katie Sise is writing Audrey's first-person story in such a sympathetic, captivating way that you can't help but have her as your best mate. Also, she scripts unbelievably lively side roles --- from Audrey's cousin and best boyfriend, the fashion-loving Lindsey, to Audrey's passion for Aidan's technical-genius-tech love, to her stunningly titled Blake nose.

Born in Queen Bee of Audrey's High-School and tormented Audrey for a mistake that occurred between the two during their first year of their schooling. But through Audrey's recollections of her and her own acts throughout the novel, Blake is always portrayed as a round figure who, though erroneous, is just as much dead as any other 18-year-old on the world.

And Audrey's battle to design and regenerate the app is never foreseeable or dull, especially in today's world where technology skills, at least in the book or on TV, always seem to be translated into fame or vast riches. One of the key features of THE BOYFRIEND APP is that it does not bind its end in small outlines.

Although Audrey and her above mentioned romance is fun, the novel's primary goal is how Audrey handles the less arid relations in her lifetime. They were best mates, then foes, and they have many problems that are not completely solved by the end of the novel.

Similarly, Audrey's sadness about her father's passing is being researched and recognized as something that not only defined her personal finances, but also colored (and always will) all her interrelations. Although the storyline of THE BOYFRIEND APP is enough to make a full commitment, it is the way these themes are researched that really makes the novel a great lesen.

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