The Book I Write

That book I'm writing

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A new spoon - "The book I write"

Here's the latest from Britt Daniel and the group; it's fast, with bright changes of pianos and guitars and a tune that''perfect'' for a long stroll out of the cinema after seeing Will Ferrell. Besides three Britt Collab's with Brian Reitzell, it's the only one of the four spoke songs from the Stranger Than Fiction Soundtrack listing that we made our debut a few week ago - and since the group hasn't released an entire record until next year, it's best to get a new fix now.

The Stranger Than Fiction is in cinemas 11/10, and the sound track has been released 11/7.

TRIMMING: The Note That Nails: Löffel, The Book I'm Writing (2006)

I' m not saying that there is the best use of a pianoforte, but the beautiful individual pianoforte scores that I would like to commend here are in welcome opposition to many pianoforte voices that I don't like. I' m saying if there's gonna be a whole bunch of sounds from a keyboard, it better be an explosion of Chick Corea's wiz.

I complain about the voices that pianists are adding to music. The songwriting side of the pianist is another thing: if the pianoforte is the bone of the tune, you can't really enjoy these pieces by Paul McCartney, Laura Nyro, Randy Newman or Tori Amos (to name but a few) without liking theirs.

When someone took this aspiration to heart and tried to implement what was purely the essential of the replacement pianos, I imagined that they would perform individual tones far apart - that's exactly what we heard in "The Book I Write", a track that Spoon gave to the film Stranger than Fiction. That is one of the best illustrations of how a pianist can nailed a touch and thus a section of a track or a whole track, just as definitely as Jack Bruce "up" in "Sunshine Of Your Love" or Ry Cooder nailed the Drogenblues with his first guitars in " Sister Morphine" or someone who plays a bugle, Laura Nyro's call to "Save The Country" with an F-note at the end.

In " The Book I Write ", the pianoforte notes are like a spoon signatures, and there is an auteuristic joy in listening to a tone that only spoon is likely to make, but it also seems like something more important - so it works as well as the beginning of Stranger than Fiction.

Reminding the public that "real live is missing", it arouses our amazement: Thanks to Jonathan Bellman for drawing our full knowledge of the notice in "Sister Morphine". Who' s playing the last song in Save The Country?

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