The best Software for Writing a Book

Best software for writing a book

I ; Sous-titre du livre : Choose the best speech recognition software for you, some free of charge. Find out how to use the best microphone. The Best Software Writing I: Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky: I work in software development because it's fun, and I love it, not because it pays off particularly well or because I have to fill the time until I die.

Buy Scrivener writing software for

So if you've ever tried to write a long paper with a text editor - novel, script, thesis or whatever - then you know it's quite unsuitable for the job. That' s why Literature & Latte has created Scrivener, considered one of the best software for authors.

It' very cheap at $40 and $45 (for the Windows and Mac versions), but for a short period of theft. In particular, StackSocial has Scrivener 1.9 for Windows for $18 if you use the voucher codes scratchv10 at the box office and Scrivener 2.0 for Mac for $18 with the voucher codes ScriIV20.

It has been developed specifically for writers, scriptwriters, reporters, students, graduates and others who are planning, organizing and composing long formats. After fighting with Microsoft Word for my self-published book (which, frankly, has some outdated chapters), I can say without a doubt that something like Scrivener would have made things a whole new world.

That means, because I know that not everyone needs such software, I present you now three quite great bonuses: Bonuses deal: In the last few week I have seen the Pebble Time Smart Watches fall below $100. You have delivered the Pebble Time (in black) for $119.99 -- new, not overhauled.

No. 2 Bonus Deal: One of my favourite cell phone battery adapters is available at the cheapest ever! Solove Titan 20,000mAh Power Bank can be delivered for $24.99 (with Prime) if you use the voucher key SSLOVSKAT at the cashier. Still, it's a great bargain. When it comes to Microsoft Word alternative, most users are comfortable with OpenOffice and LibreOffice (the latter is my choice for the best free Word suite).

The Ability Office? Shareware OnSale has Ability Office 6 for free. Completely platform-independent with the Microsoft Suites and with a selection of either native or ribbon-like interfaces, Ability Office looks like a fairly complete game.

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