The best self Publishing Sites

Best self-publishing sites

When you have a tribe and an entourage, then you might consider these pure crowdfunding sites:. You' ll find amazing book cover designers on freelance pages like:. Well self-published books are rare. When you consider yourself an "indie author", this page is just right for you. Writers' websites, press kits, copywriting.

A Top 100 Self Publishing Blogs and Websites for Authors

Self Publishing Review provides self-publishing review ing, self-publishing reviewing, self-publishing reviewing, self-publishing reviewing, self-publishing reviewing, self-publishing reviewing, self-publishing reviewing, book reviewing, self-publishing reviewing, and more. about 7 contributions per weeks. Headline-Fan 6.256. Tweeters 31,242. And Joanna is the author and publisher of her work. Imagine how to write and publish your own work, how to market your own work, and how to earn a livelihood by posting items, podcasts, videos, textbooks and classes. about 3 contributions per weeks.

Facebook enthusiasts 23,599. Tweeters 80,397. Passive Voice is an aggregate diary with the latest publishing business feed. Aka Passive Guy, this is the latest publishing and self-publishing bulletin collection and publication around 24 articles per weeks.

Headline-Fan 752. Pendants 54.711. You can' make a difference in the worid with an unreleased novel. Self publishing puts your books in the reader`s hand. about 3 articles per weeks. Facebook 841. Tweeters 44,265. Mr. Friedman has 20 years of publishing business knowledge and is an expert in strategic planning for writers and publishing houses.

I am an acknowledged specialist in the field of self-publishing and I am a professional publisher, while I am seen by freelance writer. Find out how to develop a rewarding young talent in a period of fast change in publishing about 3 jobs per weeks. Facfackfans n.a.

223.085. It also composes inspiring poems and travel guides for self-publishers and imaginative businessmen. about 4 articles per weeks. CloverFacebook friends 2,137. Tweeters 39,934. It' has assisted all tiers of the author, from mega-authors to self-published strangers, to achieve astonishing results about 2 times a weeks.

Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 15,930. about 2 postings per weeks. Headline-Fan 83,430. Tweeters 419. Gaughran is an Irishman who lives in Prague and devotes most of his spare minute to traveling the globe and gathering tales. Headline-Fan 3.040. Tweeters 25,842.

BookBaby was established in 2011 and has become the country's premier self-publisher. Managed by a staff of scriptwriters, poetry, bloggers as well as artist, BookBaby is committed to supporting all scriptwriters in their successful publishing. Getting your own books published, distributed and promoted.'s expert advice on how to write a good review. about 2 articles per weeks.

Headline-Fan 44,127. Tweeters 7,589. This is the on-line journal for independant writers and publishing houses. He is an editorial, investigation and journalism writer, publishing advisor and editor-in-chief of TIPM (Independent Publishing Magazine). about 1 mail a weeks. Headline-Fan 4,718. TwinTwitter pendant 2,222. In Self-Publishing Relief we have over twenty years of collaboration with writers.

This is what we pledge you: We have the competence to assist and accompany you at every stage of the self-publication of an e-book and a printed work. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters n.a. We want to tailor your self-publishing trip more to your needs and less to conveyer publishing in a global environment full of legacy applications, off-site service and automatic answers.

Receive free self-publishing advice: Write hints for writers, marketingberatung für Indie-Autoren and the latest news about the topic Independant Publishing. about 2 articles per weeks. Headline-Fan 5,442. Tweeters 7,551. about 7 postings per weeks. Headline-Fan 8,637. Tweeters 37,254. Just-Publishing Advisory is cultivated by Derek Haines, an aging native Englishman, writer and familiar weblogger who has a longstanding interest in self-publishing, as a means of free speech and not as a way to immediate wealth and glory. About 2 articles per weeks.

Headline-Fan 3,810. Tweeters 173,581. This is a self-publishing author-center, where you can talk about the self-publishing processes, exchange experience in the "industry" and get information about new developments in self-publishing. about 28 articles per weeks. {\a6}- Facebook enthusiasts 1,172,408. Tweeters 531,741. The Lulu is the world's first and best site for independent composers who want to tell their stories through self-publication.

It is always free for publishers of the German Journal of Journalism to post about 2 articles per weeks. Headline-Fan 104,506. Tweeters 34,068th about 2 postings per months. Goddamn Facebook friends 117,843. Tweeters 13,258. Writer's Digest, our charters magazine, "wrote the book" about authoring and publishing. Since more than 90 years the Writer's Digest professionals have been publishing novels, journals, competitions, meetings and correspondence material for novelists who want to improve their work. about 12 articles per weeks.

Headline-Fan 287,751. Follower of Tweeters 732,160. about 3 postings per weeks. Headline-Fan 22,333. 2.885. about 2 postings per mon. Headline-Fan 865. Tweeters 3,946. about 3 postings per weeks. Headline-Fan 5.204. Pendant 6.791. Check the DiggyPOD self-publication tips section to find out more about what it will take to get a publication about 2 times a year.

{\a6}- Facebook friends 1,986. Tweeters 328. Teach other writers how to build a lasting relationship around their work. You' ll be able to research, publish and successfully publish your best-selling author's work about 2 articles per months. Headline-Fan 11,523. Tweeters 17. Xlibris Blog is your resource for the latest sector information, prospective and existing writers, sector gimmicks and our dedicated packs and more.

If you are already a Xlibris writer or would like to become one, this can help you to reach your self-publication objectives! about 3 postings per weeks. Headline-Fan 18,861. Tweeters 9,835. The Balboa Press, a department of Hay House, is a publishing house that assists up-and-coming self-help and transformation writers to make their own publishing and dreaming come true. about 2 contributions per months.

Headline-Fan 40,964. 11,820th Street Tweeters. The do-it yourself web site Kobo is the one-stop shop for KoboWritingLife. The on-line fellowship contains handicraft and literacy shop items. about 3 items per weeks. Headline-Fan 3.763. Tweeters 3.979. The Dorrance Publishing Group is America's oldest publishing service provider. Have your books published on Dorrance or find out more about our typing service possibilities.

This Dorrance blogs provides advice on typing, publishing, promoting books and more about 1 article per weeks. Headline-Fan 4,798. 2.190. about 2 postings per mon. Headline-Fan 1,240. Pendants 2.136. I' m Dave and I wanted to welcome you in person to the MYeBook self-publishing plattform!

This eBook was created out of the need to give writers an answer to some of the most important issues that arise when publishing a book in an e-shop about 2 times a week. What do I do? Headline-Facebook 870. Tweeters 142. Self-publishing e-course for prospective writers, bloggers and story tellers. Receive inspirational self-publishing tutorials, hints and mysteries about 3 postings per months.

Headline-Facebook Friends 469. Tweeters n.a. As a self-publisher and independent writer, we publish essays to help. You' ll find essays about typing hints, designing books, designing covers, eBooks, selling books and of course information about the self-publishing shop. about 1 article per mon. Headline-Facebook-Audiences 889. Tweeters 5,805.

CompletelyNovel - the easy-to-use publishing portal that helps independent writers produce, distribute and market beautifully printed music. Stay up to date with the publishing community. Explore our latest publications, practical tips for publishing your own novel and the CompletelyNovel editorial staff to update you on the latest trends in the publishing sector. About 2 entries per months.

{\a6}- Facebook friends 1,006. Tweeters 5,421. We are an on-line fellowship designed to help impassioned writers through the barriers of publishing. Both Dara and Amy work for an independent publishing house in the Twin Cities and are enthusiastic about writers, literature and everything to do with publishing. about 2 articles per months.

Headline-Fan 4,404. Tweeters 4,347. Our Blog is dedicated to inspiring and inspiring literature. Everything from self-published "zines" to commercial textbooks and everything in between will be taken into consideration for a contribution. Headline-Fan 3,942. Tweeters 1,820. Even publishing a self-publishing work that will be able to compete in the market.

We can help you to succeed with your books. The Infinity Publishing blogs cover all areas of freelance publishing, up to 3 articles per months, self-publishing, book publishing, print-on-demand, eBooks, sales and more! {\a609 Facebook enthusiasts. } Tweeters 1,321. Self- Publish, Be happy is an organisation devoted to the design of modern photograph and image through publications, on-line and off-line activities and educational programs. about 3 contributions per weeks.

Headline-Facebook friends 43,471. Tweeters 14,706. At SelfPublished, we provide you with the necessary publishing utilities, tips and ressources to help you publish your work. We' re happy that the writers are taking the publishing and we' re here to help you, however you need it. about 3 contributions per months.

Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 4,060. The name of the self-publishing plattform in India is well known. This is the best publishing forum for new and experienced writers. about 3 articles per months. Headline-Fan 32,523. Tweeters 540. Consulting on spelling, publishing and self-publishing from a best-selling ghost writer and bookshop.

Roz Morris's diary. About one posting a weeks. Facfackfans 2,502. Tweeters 14,664. Hi, I'm Simon Whistler, moderator of the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcasting, one of the most beloved blogs in the independent publishing sector. Every fortnight, I will be interviewing a successfull self-published writer about how they did it so you can do the same. about 1 article per months.

{\a6}- Facebook friends 1,732. Tweeters 2,097. So, how are they going to be released? If so, how do you choose whether to publish your books in a conventional or self-publishing way? Alan Rinzler. About 1 contribution per months. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters n.a. Being a publishing house coach, I help authors to achieve their literary, publishing and commercial objectives!

I' ve got over a dozen years of publishing expertise, which includes authoring, proofreading and publishing market. My initial aim when I launched this blogs was to help writers advertise their works with the help of online advertising about 1 entry per week. Facfackfans n.a.

Tweeters 528. It is our aim to find and help gifted, self-published writers to give their work the attentiveness and appreciation it is worth. We specialise in literature in a broad spectrum of different styles, but we also take selective consideration of non-fiction. Headline-Fan 9,392.

Tweeters 5,423. They are known for their quick acting, their jagged dialogue, their laughing drama and their brand-new horrors, which are often all on the same page. Headline-Fan 6.124. Tweeters 14,225. He has had his book published in 8 different tongues, and his self-publication classes have been watched by college graduates in 123 lands at Udemy, Lynda and other websites about 1 mail a week.

Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 1,883. about 1 entry per months. Headline-Fan 3,333. Tweeters 17. At I_AM Self Publishing we create nice eBooks for writers and give them the necessary tool, know-how and material to promote their work. The self-publishing blogs contain the latest messages, hints, advice and information on our latest publications about 1 article per week.

Headline-Fan 631. Tweeters 3,597th about 3 postings per mont. Headline-Fan 163. Tweeters 9,964. I am also working on my catalogue in other tongues like French, English, German etc. about 4 articles per mont. #138 Facebook enthusiasts. Tweeters 721. For seven years as a free-lance copywriter/editor, Jen developed her shop into a writers assistance center in 2014.

Their own rapid self-publishing trail encourages them to offer a top rating to professionals who want to release a textbook or e-book. The Australian weblog provides self-publication help, books and other authoring resources. about 2 postings per week. Headline-Fan 77. 874 Tweeters.

Welcome to, the house of independent film-makers. On-line self-publishing portal with everything you need for self-publishing success. Books and editorial. About 4 articles per mont. Headline-Fan 225. Tweeters 4,253. MYWORD Publishing is one of the most respected self-publishers in Denver.

It guides writers through the self-publication of their own textbooks. Find out more about My Word's publishing processes, editorial work, publishing advice and more. Publication. approx. 3 articles per monthly. Headline-Fan 247. 118th Street Tweeters. First Steps Publishing is looking for well-written works by new writers that will lead you from the rough script to a well-marketed and beautifully crafted masterpiece you want to study.

The First Steps' Publishing Services for the writer looking for a basic online publishing house. about 1 article per months. Headline-Fan 60. Follower 101. about 1 entry per mont. Headline-Fan 676. Tweeters 2,592. Self- Publishing Advisor is a self-publishing and pre- and post-publishing books advisor about 3 articles per weeks.

Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 457. Freelance professionals looking for an impetus to enter new market, to new creators in preparation for self-publication, many kinds of creators will find useful tips on this page. about 3 articles per months. Facfackfans n.a. Trailers 18.919. about 2 postings per mon.

Headline-Fan 556. 2 postings per weeks. 3.390. approx. Headline-Fan 270. Tweeters 4,586. Outskirt's Press supports writers in the development and publication of high-quality literature by providing outstanding service in the fields of print, publishing, design, sales and publishing and book promotion. about 4 articles per weeks. Facfackfans 14,107. Tweeters 5,258.

The Columbus Publishing Lab is a small-scale, family-owned business based on the concept that self-publishers should be approached with sincerity and can offer outstanding service at a reasonable cost. Headline-Fan 425. Tweeters 197. It' a place to find out more about self-publishing on a reasonable budge!

During the whole blogs you will find themes on how to compose your books, how to make them public, how to browse through things like CreateSpace and Ingram, what self-publishing tools are available and even things like using a pseudonym! Headline-Fan 36.

Tweeters 29. Sandrra Peoples is a Michigan-based publishing and consulting firm that assists emerging writers to master the rope of self-publishing and teach teachers how to use textbooks to construct their trailers, fill their programmes and draw their ideals to buyers and more. about 1 mth.

Headline-Fan 405. 738 Tweeters. On this page, my diary focuses on typing and mailing hints. When you need help with your typing, want to write a self-editing textbook and need a little help, or just want to put a storyline into the world to see what works best, then I'm here for it. about 2 postings a months.

Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 5,441. Reflections on publishing, self-publishing and general literature. about 1 contribution per months. {\a6}- {\a6}- {\a6}- {\Lookbook fans 1,558. Tweeters 1,061. MH Publishing's Michael Hanrahan blog about publishing, self-publishing, e-books, print and other subjects related to literature. about 1 article per months. Headline-Fan 310.

Tweeters 188. Being publishing consultants, my woman (author Darlene Shortridge) and I help writers tell their story, communicate their messages and make a difference in the world, one book at a while. We' re a publishing consultancy that specialises in assisting writers to self-publish within 40 or less working hours about 1 contribution per months.

Headline-Fan 191. 67th-supporters of Tweeters about 1 entry per mont. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters 72. I' d like to help the self-published writers. That' s why I give them all the nice artwork I can only think of to give them the kind of exposure they need. about 2 entries a week.

Thirty Facebook enthusiasts. Tweeters n.a. This is a self-publishing information exchange forum focusing on publishing and the use of CreateSpace and Amazon's KDP. It' meant as a resource for inexperienced and skilled self-publishers. about 2 articles per months.

Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters n.a. Sceski is the self-published writer of Elithius and he is committed to becoming famed by dividing his tales with the rest of the planet. about 1 contribution per weeks. Facfackfans n.a. Tweeters n.a.

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