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A lot of writers want to put their work on the shelves, but they can't pay for it. A lot of writers want to put their work on the shelves, but they can't pay for it. AT-YOUR SERVICE at-your service programme - This is our most favourite programme. It is a fast and easy procedure for textbooks with easy to medium format requirements. SUPPEDITED ATPROGRAM suppedited atprogram - For writers who need the at-your-service within 2 WEEK.

Publishing timeframe for the printed version is about 2 week after the writer has sent us his definitive work. PLEASE NOTE: The supply of the printing gallery may be postponed for writers outside the USA, as the reliability of mail order firms is not always high. Even accelerated shipment may take longer than requested by us and the man.

As soon as a textbook has left the USA, we and the writer are at the mercy of international carriers. Set-up fees ($25), printer-proofing ( ($35) and yearly P.O.D. files hosted charge ($18) must be paid in advance. Proofs must be submitted to all writers and approved before a work can be put on the bookserver.

Colour-internal publicing - We also produce image guides for kids, together with colour guides for grown-ups. Formatting the scripts in the order in which they are submitted and our standard processing time is still about one months (two week when using the Expedited program). Colour interiors can take longer to do. The author owns all copyrights to his work.

Every bookshop with an Ingram bank can collect Ingram's feedback so you can find your copy in shops you've never been to. The majority of bookshops use Ingram's data base to find and order literature, so that booksellers can ask their local bookshop to order your work. Of course, your work will be in Bowker's data base.

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