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Teaching Book Template Word

Several templates are pre-installed with Word and they exist. All formatting instructions in your Word document will be displayed. Simplify the formatting of your article: Download one of our free Word templates and follow the instructions to apply it to your document. Select a template that matches the desired trim size of your book. Locate your version of Word and click on the link to download the template.

Creating an e-book template in Microsoft Word

How to make your own customized e-book template in Word. I' ll show you how to make a customizable template in Word. I' m designing the template with a front page jacket, a directory and sections that already exist, and I use headline style to make the directory simple to use.

Begin with a new file and enter text wildcards for the envelope detail of the work. Formatte the caption using the caption styles, the second line using the caption styles, and use emphases for the writer and other information. If you want to enforce a new page, select Page Layout > Page Breaks > Page Break. Enter the TOC at the top of the page, then select Reference > TOC > Insert TOC and place your TOC at Layers: 2 and click OK.

At the moment you have no information for the chart and you will be alerted about it. EditChapterTo edit the first section, enter section 1 and reformat it with the Headline 1 styles. Insert and reformat a subheader by clicking Control + Shift + S to open the Styles Usage dialogue, enter Header 2 and click Apply.

Underneath is a place holder for the continuous text and reformat it with Standard style. To use several sub-titles within a section, copy the input requests for sub-titles and text and insert them several a time. Repetition of the procedure of inserting chapters titles, subheadings and continuous text for Chapters 2 and reformat them with Headline 1, Headline 2 and Ordin.

Use the same procedure to build section 3, then insert a memo in the eBook template that tells a visitor how to build additional sections for their eBook. To do this, go to Insert > Page Number, click the Insert > Page Number button, and then click the Insert > Page Number button. Enter the information you want to appear in the heading line.

If you want to clear the headers from the first two pages, select Top and Bottom Tools > Design to view this page. Go to the beginning of section 1 and click Same as before to clear the previous title reference. Do this for the bottom line. Clear the headers and footers from the title page.

Go to section 1, click on the bottom line and choose the page number. Use Header and Bottom Tools > Design > Page Number > Format Page Numbers. To refresh the table of contents, click on it and choose F9. If you want to store the document as a template, click the Office > Store As > Word Template button, enter a name for the template, and if Word does not display your template directory by default, click Favorites in the Favorites link at the top lefthand side of the box.

From now on, you can make a new document from the template by choosing the Office > New > My Templates button and double-clicking your template. By modifying the eBooks appearance, you can do so. On the Home page, click Modify styles > Styleset and select a new styleset.

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