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List of textbook publishers

Released textbooks for software programs and study reviews for teachers. To view the author guidelines, click on the publisher's name below. Proven over many years, our textbooks and eLehrb├╝cher offer an appealing, student-oriented learning experience. How can I find a list of university textbook publishers in the USA and Canada? ADE will no longer publish a list of accepted materials as there is no official national review of teaching materials.

Lehrb├╝cher - List of textbook publishers

The Absey & Company, Inc. United States Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. The Avalon Publishing Group, Inc. The Brown Publishing Network, Inc. About COVER Publishing Co. Emphasis Publishing/R. The Pullins Company, Inc. Impact Publishers, Inc. de Houghton Mifflin Co. Publishers, Inc. McAdam/Cage Publishing Inc. Publishers, Inc. The National Learning Corp. <font color="#ffff00">National Publishing Co. The Pelican Publishing Co., Inc.

Do you publish America, Inc. The Publishers Resource Group, Inc. The Ray of Light Publishing Company, Inc. Saga Publications, Inc. The Scholatic Testing Services, Inc. Publisher Springer of Tighe Publishing Services, Inc. The Whitston Publishing Company, Inc. Word Publishing, Inc.

Lehrbuchverlage - Book Publishers directory

Scientifically and technically publishing house with a focus on mathematics, computer technology and robotics. The Abigail Press Inc. The Abigail Press publishing house provides high value teaching materials for higher and middle school education in the areas of historical, policy, sociology, feminology and related disciplines. Published tutorials for softwares and teacher reviews.

Offers handbooks, service tools and educational material for the operation, servicing and managing of waste disposal and treatment plants. Write textbooks that improve your ability to write for all your pupils! Hispanic Psychiatric Publishing is the world's leading publishing house of psychiatric literature, magazines and multi-media about the psychiatric, psychological and behavioural sciences.

Provide reliable, up-to-date and accessible information to shrinks, other members of the psychiatry profession, shrinks, medics and the general population. AMSCO School Publications was taken over in May 2013. AMSCO has been distinguished for over 75 years by the provision of high-quality material in the fields of international linguistics, sciences, language art, ACT and SAT preparations and more.

Editor of Excel Math, a maths syllabus for kindergarten to class six. Publicises manuals and additions to bookkeeping and information management tools. At Athena Scientific, we are a small company specialized in teaching materials created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology teachers and used in their work. One of AAPC Publishing's specialties is book and multimedia publication about Autoimmune Disease Spectra (ASD) and related exceptions for individual on spec, their parent, family, peer, educator and other specialists.

The Ave Maria Press is a leader in the supply of Roman Catholic and religious literature, as well as prayers and teaching materials, with 140 years of Roman Catholic editorial expertise. The company has become a leader in providing book solutions to the difficult topics faced by independent schools. In the first place, the company appreciates that it is recognised as a publishers for teachers.

Editor of educational course materials in English, music, philosophy and music. Founded in 2012, we are an independent news publishing company dedicated to delivering high-quality, affordable, high-availability e- and printed products for anyone interested in the natural sciences, maths and the life of researchers. Currently we focus on sci-fi and "science in fiction", but will ultimately offer you a broad spectrum of high value non-fiction and educational resources.

Editor of teaching materials and home schooling materials from a Christians view. Editor of classics study book titles with Latin, Greek, mythological, classic and epic titles. Teaching materials for primary and secondary pupils. Since 1985 we have been an independant publishing house in the arts with a strong emphasis on English and Philosophy, but within these two key subjects we are open to a wide spectrum of scientific approach and policy positions.

Editor of groundbreaking clinical credentials for higher learning. Brynmorgen Press was founded by Tim McCreight in 1985 to offer hands-on, high-quality training books for metals processing and metal designing. Published by The Catholic University of America Press in the areas of Church and Protestant Church histories, languages and literatures, philosophies, political theories, and ecology. Our works are published by the Fellows hip Holders and address a wide audience, academics and student population.

ChemPublishing Company is devoted to delivering high value writing to researchers, graduates, engineers, physicians and high-level specialists. Founded in 1934, the company is one of stm's most respected scientific and chemicals publishers. We are proud of our solid range of products for various market segments such as consumers, retail, engineering, chemicals, specialties, sustainability, scientific communities, large corporations, global retail organizations and more, with distributors in North America, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada and Australia.

Publicises non-fiction books on alphabetisation, managing schools, maths, science und engineering and what we call general knowledge, issues of general interest to teachers such as teaching and intellectual capacity. The aim of Clew Publishing is to provide the reader with comprehensive information so that they can benefit from the experience. Publishers of academical and textbook books in the fields of engineering, English language and literature, language studies and politics.

The Cooper publishing group provides text, technical, and popular collegiate literature in the fields of motion physics, athletic discipline, training counseling, physical activity, diet and physical training, as well as educational collegiate literature in the life sciences via Biochemical Science Press. Corwin was established in 1990 when we created a whole new type of publishing: research-based, peer-reviewed, ready-to-use resource for PreK-12 teachers.

We have since released more than 3,000 publications by more than 1,000 writers. They have been translating our textbooks into tens of different tongues and are used by tens of thousands of teachers across the nation and around the globe. Editors of home and teaching critique articles on maths, natural sciences, linguistics and historical topics.

Editor of test examination and test preparation booklets, CD-ROMs and DVD's. Directed Media has been a premier editor and marketer of high-quality social education educational software for Washington State and Pacific Northwest Education since 1979. The DAP list, while reflecting our location in Scotland, where some of the best campuses in the globe are located, includes writers and disciplines from across the entire global academia - our horizon is far wider than our immediate Scots area.

All our agents and sales partners distribute and distribute our products all over the globe. The DAP publications are mainly at the level of the first academic year, the first academic year, the post-graduate and research. Tutorials for practising physicians of China medical science, bone opathy and other types of work. The Eburon Academic Publishers is an independant publishing house focusing on the arts and people.

Concentrating on the ideological and behavioural worlds, our research includes philosophical, theological, psychological, managerial and organisational, sociological and sexual research. Our publication includes booklets ( booklets, manuscripts and proceedings) as well as scholarly periodicals. Educator's International Press (EIP) was founded in 1997 and focuses mainly on the education sector.

Originally, the EIP's primary role was to maintain scientific and education-related contents in printed form and to help incumbent education writers keep their printed publications, while many publishers usually sold out those that had an average turnover of less than 500 units per year. The EIP currently focuses on the science and education market, but has expanded its range of products.

EKS-Verlag specialises in the production of specialist publications and teaching materials for the mastery of classical Hebrew. Elsevier is a leader in providing scientific and healthcare information and publishing magazines, data bases and directories to improve the performances of scientific, healthcare and technological experts. EMC Publishing has been designing and manufacturing K-12 classroom teaching software for nearly 60 years, providing students and educators with seamless, award-winning teaching and training experiences in world languages, language arts, and applied education.

Launched with the goal of providing the most up-to-date clinically relevant information in a user-friendly form for physicians who make day-to-day crucial choices when prescribing orally. Since then, the business has expanded to 30 other publications relating to frequently-administered drugs. For over thirty years, Med Publishers has been proud of its excellent record as a reliable resource for health information.

Montgomery Publications is considered one of Canada's top educational publishers for schools, colleges and the legal profession. F.A. Davis, an impartial healthcare, medical and health science publishing house since 1879, is devoted to delivering printed, portable and Web resource services to college and professional people. November 2014 saw the launch of Focus Publishing/R.

The Pullins Company was taken over by Hackett Publishing Company, a small independently owned publishing house with Indianapolis and Cambridge, Massachusetts based publishing operations. G-W produces both printed and electronic course books and on-line course ware and other teaching materials that offer a full range of class-room solutions. G-W is recognised as the first address for vocational and technological educational contents with appropriate qualifications for secondary schools, grammar schools, universities and vocational schooling.

Editor of university books on policy and governance, advocacy and criticism. Established in 1994, Hartman Publishing meets the need for high-quality training material for long-term healthcare. Because of the overwhelming feedback, we extended our range of products in 1998 to cover training books for nurses and home helpers.

HCP Press provides high-quality, evidence-based ressources of enduring value to healthcare workers, scientists, students as well as family members. You will find our award-winning publications and other medias in the areas of ageing, long-term and emergency healthcare, physiotherapy, allied healthcare, community work, psychological counseling and healthcare. At Holcomb Hathaway, we publish educational and related material for the academic and specialist market in the areas of applied sciences, communications, literacy and education, and sports and physical education.

Throughout the years we have been publishing over 500 educational and reference materials that train pupils from nursery school to high school. We have also created a number of consumption guides and video clips to help improve people's fitness and sport. Established in 1883, IP's unique missions continue to be the purchase, evolution and sustainable publishing of reference works and reference works that aim for excellence in industry training by supporting practical day-to-day processes in all production fields.

They are very popular in vocational colleges and school classes as well as in factories and workshops all over the can. The IAP was established in 1999 by George F. Johnson and is a sociological publishing house for scientific and academical publications and periodicals. The IAP aims to create a complete list of collections of publications, periodicals and periodicals that identify and identify niche areas that are lacking quality research materials in education and management.

Wherever possible, our product range includes both printed and electronically printed versions. The International Press of Boston, Inc. is a scientific publisher established in 1992 and headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts (near Harvard University). Our high quality books on maths and maths are published, among them books on monography, teaching books and several long runs.

The International Press obtains its writers and writers from a global pool of talents that include many of the most important and important practitioners in their field. The IOP Publishing is a 100% affiliate of the Institute of Physics. The IOP Publishing offers a variety of periodicals, e-books, periodicals, web sites and service offerings that allow research scientists and research institutions to engage the broadest possible public for their research.

Combining the cultures of a literate community with a worldwide scope and high-efficiency and effective publication frameworks and workflows. Editor who specializes in scientific course materials at grammar schools. Degrees in biological, chemical, physical and ecological sciences. The Jain Publishers Company provides collegiate educational materials and additions, academic and scientific reference, and general readers.

It is a multinational publisher specializing in the publication of publications for academia, marketing its publications to professional and consumer audiences, college and college educators, as well as research scientists and academics in science, technology, medicine and science. Please also post the book serial "For Dummies". Jossey Bass releases publications, magazines and other resources to educate and empower those interested in self-development, their organisations and their societies.

Jossey Bass' papers show the work of some of the world's best-known writers in the fields of governance, economics, education, religious and spiritual learning, educating, non-profit, healthcare and healthcare management, dispute-resolution and relationships. More than 6,000 printed books enable us to service both the university and PreK-12 market and provide conventional and non-traditional publication services in both sectors.

KeYe Curriculum PR ESS provides research-based mathematical and scientific courseware, softwares, on-line learning tools and continuing education. McGraw-Hill Education took over the Short Curriculum Media in August 2012. Founded in London in 1991, Laurence King Publishing is now recognized as one of the world's premier publishers of works on the art of creativity, with a reputation for being one of the world's premier publishers of innovating, affordable and affordable university course materials and readership in politics and psychological studies.

LawTech Publishing Co. produces law prosecution, penal law literature, advertising research books, law and codes references and school books. The Liberty Press is the branch of the world's biggest Catholic school. Founded in 2008, we are devoted to the production and promotion of authentic scholarly material.

Editor of university course materials on specialised schooling, guidance and welfare work. Lyceum publishes Oxford University Press book on May 25, 2016. Lyceum has built an excellent name for itself since its inception in 1988, and publishes works known for the qualities of their research, writings and suggestions.

Publication of embedded audiovisual contents in the most exciting areas of biotech, bio-medical research, clinics and surgeries, engineers and technologies, environment research and policies, legal and economic issues and heath. The McGraw-Hill Companies, established in 1888, is a premier provider of worldwide information and educational services that help professional and student leaders thrive in the knowledge society.

Among the world' s top names are Standard & Poor's, McGraw-Hill Education, Platts and J.D. Power and Associates. In 1985, Dr. John Cameron, retired associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and pioneer in the realm of medicinal physicists, established MPP. MPP' s mission is to offer accessible textbooks on medicinal physic and related areas.

MPP' s textbooks are authored by and for the benefit of the physicist, local resident, radiologist and technologist. MPP' s main goal for our publication is education and science. The Mentor Book is a premier publishing house in Ireland for general interest and post primary education book titles - Junior Certificate, Transition Year and Leaving Certificate. Canada's premier education publishing house, Nelson Education Ltd. offers cutting edge education and training software for students of all age groups.

The NWPII brings out magazines and novels by writers from all over the globe. Topics treated are medicine and biomedical sciences, chemistry and process engineering, biology, training, economics and finance, energy, the environment, etc. The Oxford University Press is a division of the University of Oxford. Its aim is to achieve research, science and teaching leadership through global publications.

The Palgrave Macmillan is an academically oriented publishing house with global operations that serves higher educational and vocational educational institutions and academia. Our publications include schoolbooks, magazines, periodicals, technical, commercial and encyclopedic works in printed and on-line form. The Parlay Press specialises in educational and scientific literature on languages and literature. Part-Time Press is proud to announce the publication of some of the country's best-selling educational literature.

We use our textbooks in departmental design, Mentor and Educational projects at over 2,000 U.S. and Canadian college and university institutions as well as college and university institutions in Canada and other English-speaking nations. At Pearson, we are the world's premier educational provider. Our curricula, multi-media educational resources and test software, from pre-school to high schools, from early study to certifications, help train tens of thousands of people around the globe - more than any other privately owned business.

One of the nation's premier suppliers of specialist classroom learning materials, Perfection Learning offers an unrivalled range of fiction, non-fiction, reference collection and literature-based instructional assistance. At Pine Island Publishers we manufacture health-related manuals for resellers and wholesalers. We have a number of titles for the massages and spas industries that are used as training and clinic resource.

All our books are updated regularly so that they contain the latest information on their respective subjects. Prestwick House was established in 1983 by a former Dover High School manager and is a leading provider of education media. Focusing on assisting 9-12 grade Anglophone instructors, Prestwick House releases the country's broadest collection of literary books, a series of classical fiction and tens of thousands of other education books.

Profitability Press Co. Since 1989, Proficiency Press has been a leader in the production of bilingual material. In accordance with national standards, the Proficiency Press Co. book is currently used in the United States and abroad. It has an extensive collection of psychological schoolbooks, abstracts, reference works, test reports and many scientific periodicals.

The Robbie Dean Press (RDP) is a long-established publishers that has presented all its work to a Review Committee. We specialise in university and/or university text and/or manuscript with original content. Routersledge is a worldwide operating publishers of scientific literature, periodicals and on-line ressources in the arts and well being. With over 35,000 printed titles, our latest range includes the most vivid text and the best research.

Rowman & Littlefield is an independently owned publishing house with an excellent record, publishing cutting edge, high calibre collegiate text, challenging and contemporary general -reader publications as well as specialist and academic literature in the arts and society. Today, SAGE produces over 800 annual volumes, over 850 periodicals - among them those of more than 300 specialist associations and institutes - on a wide spectrum of topics covering the fields of economics, arts and crafts, as well as economics, research, technology und medical studies.

Most of SAGE is still in the hands of its owner, who has made sure that the business stays independently. The Savant Book and Publications collection contains unreleased, postmodern works of lasting value to British audiences around the globe. Scientific editor in the fields of sciences, geosciences, plant sciences, geology, oceanography, zoology, physics, soil sciences, weather sciences. Publicises scientific periodicals and publications as well as reference works and schoolbooks.

The SCI is an education publisher devoted to the development of high-quality scientific programmes for secondary schools and grammar schools. All our books are recognised guides to experiential, practical natural sciences teaching. Our programmes allow pupils to study by conducting scientific experimentation, collecting information, debating results and making inferences from their own experiential work. The SciTech Publication ist ein ein Impressum der Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Well respected publications include Radar, RF/Microwave Technology, Electronic Warfare, Communications and related fields of electronics. Founded in 1984, Sheffield Publishers Company is a global leader in the field of music. Our main field of activity is the publication of university text and amendments in a wide variety of fields. The TEP is a Canada-based university publishers. Our specialty is study materials for the arts and arts, and we advertise our products widely on the domestic and foreign market.

We aim to become the leading Canada and worldwide publishers of Canada's authorial literature in the arts and arts, an independently owned and operated business specialising in the production of educational books and accompanying material for Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO), the prestigious New Hampshire White Mountains Wildlife Medical College.

And we are also the editors of several wonderful whimsical books, among them Treehouse chronicles, winners of nine prizes. The Townsend Press is an independant publishing house for recognised teaching material for primary and secondarychildren. Among our titles are the famous Ten Steps Reading Series, The TP Vocabulary Series, The Bluford Series, The King Series and The Townsend Library.

Universal Publishers is a publishers of novels and magazines and the mother tongue of three non-fiction publishers specialising in textbook and scholarly publications (Universal-Publishers, BrownWalker Press & Dissertation.com). Returning for sales privileges, we provide a wide range of publication opportunities, wholesale sales, equitable remuneration, multi-issue content and personalised service. The University of Hawai'i Press is recognised as a leader in Asia, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific for the publication of publications in the fields of literature, magazines and newspapers.

Established in 1901, the UTP (University of Toronto Press) is Canada's premier academic publishing house and one of the biggest universities in North America. The UTP has more than 6,500 publications, of which well over 3,500 are still in press. Wissenschaftsverlag generates about 175 publications per year, while Hochschulen generates about 25 publications per year.

Universities' Science Book publications include beautiful journals in the fields of chemistries, biological sciences, space sciences, geosciences, environmental sciences and physicists. It is our aim to make the technologies simpler and more humane, through writing and computer novels. We have been producing publications for three centuries on recreational research, therapeutic recreation, activity programming, leisure, and long-term care.

Established with the conviction that the book industry's excellence in these areas is crucial both to their mental and practical development, our firm is committed to the highest standards of excellence. Published independently a number of scholarly works and publications in the field of arts, business, economics, anthropology, psychology, sociology as well as political science with an evolving library of highly celebrated publications.

An editor of scientific schoolbooks. Macmillan Higher Education department. The WestView Learning project focuses on the publication of high quality online resources for teachers and pupils in English and French. WhiteLock Publications is a vibrant start-up based on its founder's twenty years of editorial expertise. It is our strength to provide fast responses to author requests, the personalized services we provide to our writers, and the passion and commitment we show in promoting and promoting our author book.

Woods'N' Barnes is a small, approachable, advanced publishers that offers intelligent, high-quality works by distinguished writers. Our passion is for experiential education and we have a long history and call to be at the top of the adventure pedagogy group. Zeig, Tucker & Theisen is an impartial publishers in the behavioural science sector and offers a wide range of products, services and services, including textbooks, CD's and DVD's by and for specialists in psychology as well as practical work.

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