Textbook Format Template

Text book style sheet

The CreateSpace templates for Word can be downloaded here. Manuscript; Story manuscript format; Story manuscript. Create and format your content.

Please use the same format as other publication data in the quotations. Definition in the dictionary or textbook glossary.


It is a long file used for many different uses, such as writing a novel, non-fiction, textbook or cookbook. The diversity of uses makes publishing one of the most complex kinds of documents, as it must be able to incorporate all parts of the documents and often contain many cross-references.

Luckily, it is the first way to simplify the intrinsic complexities of a textbook so that the writer can concentrate on typing rather than reformatting. It has an attractive cover page and sub/chapter headlines. There is a strong division of the volume itself into parts, paragraphs, parts and then subparagraphs.

Paragraphs and subparagraphs also appear as mini-tables of contents on pages that separate parts of the volume to give an overview of the subject matter. Stencil for those who want to make a work in a format that is easy to read on paper. In order to make this easier, the template has a small border and large character set to make the most of your on-screen property.

Every page contains a headline with the name of the writer and the name of the work, as well as a page number at the bottom to show the page's progression. The contents of the accounts can be subdivided into parts, headings, paragraphs, subsections and subheadings. If you browse a large number of PDF files in a single directory, the large wallpaper on the front page makes your eBook easy to read.

Wiley Verlag provides two layouts for writers who want to make their work available for composition with WileyTeX. One for 6? x 9? and the other for 7 x 10_?. Included in the template are all functions necessary for publishing the book: cover page, copyrights page, dedication, author lists, index, tables/numbers, abbonyms, glossaries, symbols, parts, sections, chapters, annexes, reference and an index.

The template was created to match Edward R. Tufte's designer styling used in his work. Tufte's styling does not end there, and many other typographical and lay-out changes are included in this template and are described in the template.

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