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Build, publish and present digital textbooks in textbook publishing software. The creation of an e-learning book requires time, resources, skills and support. Online book publishing software that creates the files you need to publish your books and e-books. They can have students who prefer physical textbooks, while others want their textbooks delivered to their preferred eReader software. This is a flexible way to create the perfect course material for your lessons.

On-line textbook software for Windows & Mac, textbook with videos and sound creation

Use Flip PDF to design, share and share your beautiful schoolbooks. Only a few klicks, publishilsh will win might to produce animated textbook with textbook videos, sound and flash. View your imaginative books on the web or on iPad or other portable device. There is no question that you as a pupil will enjoy this imaginative learning technique.

Flip PDF is the perfect solution if you are a tutor who enjoys trying out the latest technologies in your classroom. Insert videos, audio, Flash and other interaction into your normal textbook and you will find that your lessons are no longer dull. Each pupil will enjoy an animation textbook with fun experiences.

You can reach your student community around the globe through your webmail. With Flip PDF, you can turn your PDF file into attractive text books with a real-life flip effect. They are allowed to customise the textbook, such as changing wallpapers/colours, hiding/showing some icons, changing language and adding preloaders, etc.

For a more natural-sounding textbook, you can include a hardcover, activate clip sounds, and adjust the strength and overlay. In addition, you can use Flash PDF to enhance your document with link, voice, video and more, and inspire your reader with an immersive story.

Creating your own textbook -- With or without Apple | MindShift

Educators can work with peers inside their specialist department and outside the room to collect ressources through the use of SMB. Valuable information source for vocational education comes via Personal Training Networks (PLN) in Twitter and RSS-feed. Try also Paper. li or The Twitted Times, which search and organise the resource of your connection.

CURRENT. When aggregating websites, the curation captures a more in-depth review of those websites to choose those that have the most pertinent information for a particular area. You can use your curriculum, government norms or educational goals to choose the contents for a particular course of studies.

Concentrate on the key issues to help you select the right resource. Leverage the most power of web utilities to make your textbook more compelling with pictures, video and simulation. Here you will find many other useful curatorial instruments. Checking out 30+ Cool Content Currency Tool for personal and professional use.

If you are using an iPad, take a look at these currency applications. -CREATION. That is the most important (and funniest) part of the game. Build an on-line repository using a powerful watikispace or PBworks that organizes your assets. Or use LiveBinders to choose a preset that allows you to insert text for each of your ressources.

LMSs like Edmodo and Schoologie are also good options with nice functions for education networks. Sites also allows you to build and publish web pages and offers many customisable functions. It' simple to upload pictures, YouTube video, podcast lectures and Google Docs to facilitate student teamwork.

They can even include assessment using Google Forms and a calender. Although it can only be used on Macs, the free application provides a drag-and-drop theme that can be customised with pictures, charts and video to make a shiny workbook. Do you complete a paper, draft a draft or answer a series of queries?

In the following spreadsheet we compare and contrast the different stages of involving educators and students in the textbook creation processes. Or you can move towards a learner-centred view by using the diagram to see which step is appropriate for your course.

View this session on Projectile Motion, which contains information on contents, tutorials, a cyber laboratory and a few reviews, and this Craig Savage widget, which contains his AP Biology and AP Psychology resource. Curator Students: ADC in Action, a digitally produced textbook for the AP US government by senior citizens at St. Gregory College Preparatory School.

Take a look at Silvia Tolisano's Student's Becoming Curators of Information. iTunesU: This free application provides a free of charge learning management system with available press notification capabilities. C-5 Resources, Language Arts/English, Mathematics, History/Social Studies, Science, World Languages. Are you willing to get rid of your textbook?

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