Text Writing Software

Software for writing texts

FocusWriter allows you to write text on a page and save it as a TXT file. A versatile text editor for all writing needs. It is wise - to predict which expression you are trying to write, to convert your handwriting into text and ignore these `umms' and `irrs' when you dictate aloud. The text editor is a type of computer program that processes plain text. The majority of word processing programs can read and write files in plain text format so that they can open files from word processing programs.

EcuatIO math writing software. Digital math tool for teachers & pupils of all abilities

EcuatIO assists mathematics lessons and other SEM courses in today's technically oriented schoolrooms. With your subscriptions you get acces to Equity on all these platforms: EquatIO for Windows and EquatIO for Mac: Paste mathematic terms into Microsoft Word. By subscribing to our Premier Edition, you can get extra functions such as math and chemistry forecasting.

EquatIO for Google: This is the ideal G Suite companion to help you easily integrate math into Google Docs. If you subscribe to our Premier Plan, you can get extra functionality, such as Google Sheets, slides, forms, and drawing support. EquityMathspace: This web-based solution allows you to work independently and collaborate on mathematic issues. It is a very intelligent working area where you can combine formulas, text and free-hand drawing to research mathematic conceptions in many ways.

By subscribing to our Premier Edition, you can get extra functionality, which includes creating geometrical shapes.

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