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The Text Reader is a fast and compact program for comfortable reading of texts. Most comprehensive text-to-speech reading application on the Internet. PDF, Word, ebooks, web pages, converting text to audio files. The Voice Aloud Reader is a very good application for reading texts. A lightweight application that allows teachers to create text blocks where students can click each word in the text and retrieve an inline definition of the word.


The Text Reader is a quick and easy to use application for texting. fb2, rtf, html, txt; reads from zipped archive; saves last page positions; scrolls smoothly through pages; displays arbitrarily positioned data; many codings; supports user-defined font styles; user-defined colour topics; text sniffer. It only works with text data format.

When you see illegible signs on the display, you have either opened a non-text document or have not selected the right charset. Automatic recognition of the coding only works for data that supports this function. You must specify the appropriate codepage for all other data sets. To scroll through the pages of the text, tap the top or bottom of the text area.

The text location is set by pushing in the center of the display. Press the level buttons to set the monitor level.

Voice Aloud Reader (TTS reader)

Hear the app over the air or view websites, press releases, long e-mails, TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice documents, EPUB, MOBI, PRC, AZW and FB2 and more. It is an HTML reader, page reader and e-book reader in one, both to view on your monitor and to hear if your eye aches, fails or is otherwise occupied.

Please see the user comment below. Open text, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice or HTML data from the Android-Filesystem. Click "Share" or "Send by Email" in any application to submit text to @Voice Alloud Reader to listen over speaker or via ear.

Shared web pages for @Voice remove their menu, browsing, ads, and other unwanted content, keeping text cleaner to view or hear. If" Share" is not available, copy the text into another application and insert it into @Voice to reread. Store the items opened in @Voice in a file to use later.

Create many article listings for continuous playback. You can order the items as needed, e.g. more important items first. Immediate reading of text that has been placed on the current location. Browse through pages, browse and browse through your ebook on your monitor with its initial format, displayed pictures, or continue reading. Or, put on your headset, turn off the monitor and start playing!

Processes or switches to Android 4.4 and higher versions of text in China and Japan vertically (from right to left). Simply adding stored Pocket items to @Voice reader lists - on the "Read List" page, click on the button on the right - Edit Pocket items, then click to view or hear them on the monitor.

Recording of audio items into soundfiles - WAV (uncompressed) or OGG (compressed) format are aided. If necessary, pause/resume audio using corded or wireless headsets plus click Next/Previous to skip to phrase or next/previous items in the playlist. Automatically detect the audio frequency to use the appropriate TTS tone, if available, or adjust your favorite tone settings via the "Select Voice" button.

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