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Which are technical paperwork? Writing technical texts is not like writing TV scripts, novels or even code. Editors, also called technical communicators, can be employed in a number of areas ranging from production and science to information technology. It felt it was time to dispel the first six myths about my chosen career. When you are a technical writer, you need to open your eyes to this reality.

Writing careers in technology

As far as some folks are concerned, every career with the term "writer" in the cover looks like a bang - the next best thing to work on an episode of "Mad Men... "If finding the technical writer professional designation in your application will whet your appetite for more information, here is a guideline for the occupation.

Are technical writings for you? "It is not your task if your aim is to compose a novel," says Saul Carliner, former chairman of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), an organisation for technical and editorial journalists with 14,000 members. You' re questioning them. 20 to 30 per cent of your speaking hours are letters.

" In contrast to what many think, working as a technical editor is much more than just being on a computer. There is a lot of work to be done, from technical experts, from software engineers and product engineers to machinists and health care engineers. When you are considering a technical writer's position, there is a way to find out if it is for you to invest several long hrs to read computer handbooks and on-line help system and check how that works for your OS and various apps.

"Do I want to make a livelihood out of it? "Also, keep in mind that organizations use most technical documentations for in-house use - no one in the outside will ever see them. However, the area has expanded and includes a multitude of tasks and areas of responsibility, as the name of its lead organisation, the Society for Technical Communication, alludes to.

While technical writers compose and work on technical handbooks, their work can also involve the creation of on-line Tutorials, web-based trainings and other material for sectors from health care to production. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average technical writer's average pay in 2011 was $64,610. The technical communication experts come from a wide variety of areas.

According to an STC member survey, the five most frequent fields of academia are either Anglophone, technical communications, sciences or technology, computer sciences and journalists. Everyone with a technical back grounding has an easy entry into the business as it shows a technical institution with the skills to work with business people.

To provide a basis, consider attending the following courses: I' m a technical writer: Usually provided at college and communal college to get an idea of the area and to write tests. If you don't already know Microsoft Word, you'll be better off if you're comfortable with FrameMaker or RoboHelp, two applications that are often used for creating technical documents.

Editors often work as software engineers, system analyst, information architect and teamleader. It' a great way to join an organisation and then change to another career, says Carliner. Whichever your objective is, the more technical know-how you gain, the better. Everywhere in the information technologies community, there is a reward for those with outstanding communications capabilities and the ability to compete with dedicated technicians.

The prospective technical Communicators should look for work placements, voluntary work and other occasions to gather experiences and develop a pool of work in this area. You' re going to have a hard job trying to find a business that's willing to consider you without rehearsing. Are you considering offering your service as part of an open code initiative to show your skills in working in a group and translating technical issues into English?

There is a wide range of technical communication website, as well as TECHWR-L, an online technical communication community. Find out more about our editing career.

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