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Speaking books for children

LOVE FREE audio stories for children, including fairy tales, original stories, myths, poems, music, history and audio books that are beautifully read by professional actors. It was his books that made up a large part of my childhood, and that goes for my children too. Hello, anyone can recommend any good children's stories CDs/audio books for younger children. Reading and audio books for children. Listening books are a wonderful way to introduce your child to complex language, expressive reading and fantastic stories.

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Classical children's tales audiobooks on 6 CD's. Children's CD with 51 CD sets and 6 CD sets. Hi-Fi MP3 Music & PDF DOWNLOAD Plus Extras. Classical children's fairytale audiobooks on CD. Grim fairytales. Bond: Audiovisual. Books section. Classical children's tales audiobooks on 10 CD's.

There are seven tapes of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Pinocchio and Return to Oz, Rainbow Brite rescues the Tag and Rainbow Brite and the Blaue See, The Care Bears and the Carnival procession and the Get Along Gang and the new neighbors. These tapes have been tried and are playing well despite the sporadic losses of sound.

On two CDs: A Secret Seven Adventure Audio Book. juniors & children. It is available in Mozzarella on 2 DVD's to play on your iPod or on your Mozzarella iPod to take along and overhear. Classical children's fairy tale audio books on CD. There are 9 children's audio story books on CD.

Classical children's fairy tale audio books on CD. There are 9 children's audio story books on CD.

10 best children's audio books

The Gruffalo, The Smartest Giant and Room on the Broom, played by Imelda Staunton and Josie Lawrence. As the theatrical still takes the West End by storm, it' s a good moment for young people to hear this tale about a young woman with magic power.

Compiled by Kate Winslet. Lucy Carlyle ends up in a spookyhouse in the first of a new set of tales targeted at 10 plus. FLUID sticks his dragon in a rock. Throwing up his boot to move it, but even that gets bogged down, followed by a stepladder, the dishwasher, a cetacean....

Compiled by Terence Stamp. This is a funny supplement to an award-winning show in which Greg tries to get an appointment for the prom. Perfect for kids from the age of eight. Successfully, the Horrid Henry show is about a very rude little kid. Books by Miranda Richardson, for kids five years and up. Accompany Mr Bump, Mr Fussy and all their mates in these delightful classical stories from the Beeb.

The CD contains 15 great tracks interwoven into a wonderful storyline and the kids will love the illustration album.

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