Summer Writing Courses

Writing Summer Courses

principal subject Undergraduates of ForCredit in session A can also attend Writers' Workshop class. The number of participants is restricted to 15 persons per course. Basics of fictitious literature through lectures from classical and modern shorts and novel. Concentrate on how each writer has used the basics of the trade.

Typing activities emphasise aspects such as vocals, structures, points of views, characters and music. Improving students' research and storytelling abilities through a semester study program and week-long missions. For journalists with editorial expertise and for all those who are familiar with other areas. Afterwards, the student starts to pitch, sketch and write their own script.

The pupils are taught the professionally written script form and compose an 8-12-page script, which is recited and criticised in school. Introductory course in literature, poems and plays. Basics of craftsmanship and composing; the different but related technologies used in the three categories. History, scenery and characters in the fictional; tone, line, picture and voices in the poetic; monologues, dialogues and actions in the dramatic.

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Below are the write classes in 2018 and the locations and meetings for each class. Course codes provide you with the corresponding catalogue course descriptions and model curriculum for the course. Please note: The course codes below lead you out of the field of Sommerbeschäftigung and into the area of the Studentenkatalog on the website.

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