Successful Writers without Degrees

Authors without degrees

BARRY: How to become a successful writer without really trying. The Writers' Circle - 8 Renowned writers who have gone alternative ways to success Commenting on the Paris Review, author Kurt Vonnegut said: "It can be incredibly invigorating if a literary author has something in his head other than theory. This was Vonnegut's life; he studied anthropology at the University of Chicago. Bottom are 8 other well-known writers who made it without a diploma in writing.

Well-known crime writer John Grisham began his studies in bookkeeping at Mississippi State University to "get serious. Previously, he had celebrated a little too much at Mississippi Community College and Delta State University in Cleveland. J.K. Rowling, the author of the world-shakingly beloved Harry Potter novel, wanted to study English music.

Crichton holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard University in Anthropological Biology. He would have found it unbelievably hard to specialize in English language because he never went to school! Not believing in such universities, he spends his day reading his books in open access books.

Bourne Identity writer Robert Ludlum graduated in dramatic art to become a Broadway production artist. When he wrote theatre pieces, he realized that he could compose fiction, which gave him the impulse to become a writer. She is the writer of over 80 best-selling stories, but has never written in formal school.

Instead, she concentrated on both literary as well as clothing designs. The Sue Monk Kidd is known for her novel "The Secret Life of Bees". Kidd graduated from Texas Christian University with a B.S. in Nurse Education while taking some post-graduate writers' retreat. Only at her thirtyth year of age did she decide to become a novelist.

So, you think you can't write: Eleven famous uneducated writers.

It doesn't matter to me that you think I can't type from a technical point of view - and other renowned authors would approve. I' m not trained in written form. I learnt the associated media styling - a need for a journalist - and after landing a paper position with my practical AP Styles Guide at my side.

In addition, my writers' books collection has been solely founded on interest and impartial research rather than university professors proposals. However, my more literarist buddies often publish on Facebook about ( (un)famous writers who can't type (some of the ones I've seen are some of my favorites) or words you should never, never use (as always).

But on the other side, I am fortunate that I don't care about the use of "wrong" words - the kind that is supposed to be synonymous with shitty letters. No, I'm inspirited by words like simple, calm and perhaps-you know, those words that "educated" writers avoid. But here is the thing: I really think that this is why my letter reaches my readership, not in spite of all.

That' s why I would like to introduce you to a small selection of other authors who have done just that: they have simply written, regardless of how their degrees were labelled, or whether they had one at all or not. After all, the reality is that some of the best writers in the story - and some of my personal heros- have not even graduated from high schools, let alone universities.

Not in any particular order, here are 11 writers - of whom you have probably been informed - without official training: While she may have been a very mature readership, she stopped studying jurisprudence to follow up on her schooling. Believe it or not, Kerouac was a high-school jockey, a soccer player. Also Samuel Clemens quit college at the early 12 years when his dad passed away.

Through his training with an older sibling, a printing company, he was brought into the written work. At 14 he abandoned college and found little value in official schooling. Instead, he decided to choose to do his own work. When Wells' cricketer dad broke his leg, he was 11 years old.

Like Dickens, his experience later inspires his work. At the age of 13 he left college, continued to work and studied insatiably. A graduate of Harvard College with distinction and an MD from Harvard University. While he may have decided on a writer's path, his expertise in medicine was very useful for textbooks such as Jurassic Park, a novel about genetics.

He moved from college three years before graduating in bookkeeping. Later, he obtained a JD diploma - an apprenticeship that benefited him as a best-selling writer of juridical novel. Vonnegut's official training was in the field of biotechnology and he also received a Master's diploma in Humanities.

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