Successful Authors without Degrees

Authors without degrees

This Pulitzer Prize-winning author is a lesson in pursuing your dreams if we have ever seen them. It was Michaelangelo who had no university degree and Leonardo da Vinci neither. J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter with no great plan for success.

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Nowadays, an elitist academic training seems to be the safest way to a prestige careers. However, you will be amazed at how many authors have made a name for themselves without graduating from or, in some cases, ever going to graduate college. Bradbury is a household name for the generation of high schools that need to study his classical novel Fahrenheit 451.

Theseeed these intellectual could be angry to discover that Bradbury hardly killed degree building himself and had no curiosity in attending university. As a reaction to the gruesome conditions of her early years, which included sexually abused and racially discriminated against her, the writer Maya Angelou stayed silent for five years. Without talking, these were the years in which she grew an intensive passion for languages and literature.

but she gave birth to her boy three week later. Incapable of attending university and desperately looking for cash, she worked as a whore and mistress. However, his mom stopped his plans when she sent him to the army to tame him. but Truman was recruited as a copy boy for The New Yorker in high schol.

When Samuel Langhorne Clemens was 12 years old, he had to quit college and work for groceries after his father's death. He was a cricketer, but when he sustained a leg wound of his own, young Wells was compelled to quit college to work as a clothmaker apprentices.

After all, Jack London ended up at UC Berkeley, but his trip to university was hardly tradition. When he was 18, he went to prison for vagabondage for a whole months before returning to high schools. He was lent the funds by a publicist and boyfriend to take part in UC Berkeley, but London went a year later when the funds ran out and never grad.

He also wrote classic songs like The Call of the Wild and White Fang without schooling. He left junior high but received his GED at the age of 17. Then Burroughs decided to change his name and enroll as a pre-Med students at Holyoke to get out before the first year.

As one of eight offspring, Dickens only sporadically got a technical training, riddled with factories that provided unfathomable working environments. During another campaign he struggled so often with his trainer that he was forced to leave university. That Nobel Prize laureate never graduated from high schools.

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