Submitting Illustrations to Publishers

Filing illustrations with publishers

These are the most important tips to make sure you get it right & published! Send your illustrations to Sweet Cherry. We' re looking for talented new illustrators for children's books. Do you want your artwork to be published?

NOT contact our office for the status of your submission.

Preparing specimens for shipping to a publishers

Recently I was asked by an illustrator: "How do I present - in physical terms - master illustrations when submitting[illustrations] to a publishing house for the first time? These are some proposals for direct delivery of a packet of print designs to prospective customers: Do always make a copy. Do not submit your originals.

Scan vs. Photography: When making a copy of your art, high definition (300 dpi) scanning is always better than photography because the color is true. When you choose to take photos of your work of art, make sure it is in a well-lit place and the pictures are clear. Lettersize prints: This is one of the easiest and most common ways to print a sample to a customer.

? Create a pattern (InDesign, Illustrator, etc.) to place 1-2 high-resolution images of your illustrations on each page. Please enclose an enveloppe and return it unwrapped in a manifold. This is another simple and cost-effective way to ship specimens to a customer. ? Write on any photograph you want to submit to a customer (stickers are great for this and help minimize the chance of smearing the inks).

It' not necessary to put photos on looks good, but it does increase the importance of your specimens during shipping and only raises the majority of the parcel. Instead, simply apply a beautiful dark frame to your photo to print a uniform frame on each photo. Mark each specimen clearly and vividly with your contacts:

By labelling each individual specimen when you send us your specimens, you run the danger that they will be mislaid and not attributed to you. Paste on EACH sample: The cost of each work of work is not required. Go Straight: If your work is good, it speaks most loudly when you send your music.

The work of arts that artists are looking for is a great work of arts that meets their needs. If your samples look good and are clearly labelled with your name and contacts, your work will be great and your work will be worthwhile.

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