Submitting a Book for Publication

hand in a book for publication

As a self-published author who would like to submit your book for review, please do so through BookLife. These guidelines provide general suggestions for the creation of publication proposals, but you should contact the publisher beforehand by sending a request. Please read our submission guidelines below for unpublished manuscripts. It is very important to research the publisher and its areas of interest before submitting your work. And if not, look at her recent books.

Submitting a book suggestion

At the heart of the publisher's processes is the book suggestion. There are as many different book designs as the book itself. These occur in a wide variety of different circumstances, but as a rule a book draft is put into a "form" suggestion. Included in this document is a synopsis of the book, its objectives, objectives and key characteristics.

It includes the book for which the book is to be published and also the book that is the main competitor to the new one. There are various application documents that we have customized for our various prints.

Guidelines for submission of proposals - Oxford University Press

Please obey these rules if you would like to submit a proposal: Find information on the publisher of scientific or topical literature, on-line and printed references or collegiate course catalogues to which your application should be submitted. If you are not asked, please do not send us your complete paper by e-mail.

When submitting in printed form, you should send your entry to the following address: While we are interested in getting suggestions according to these policies, we do not and will not send back any uncalled copies or originals. No telephone inquiries from prospective writers will be answered.

You are kindly requested to keep a copy of your contribution. Your suggestions/sample sections can only be returned if they have a prepaid, self-addressed cover (SASE). We will not send back any unasked scripts as mentioned above. Decisions on the assessment of suggestions can range from a few week to several of them. While we consider each entry we received according to the above policy, we cannot reply to each entry in person.

Please see our guidelines for author submissions for more information.

make a suggestion

You are kindly requested to read our entry information. Please fill out the application and click here. You can find our book suggestion policy in the book suggestion page. Send the application together with any accompanying materials, e.g. your CV or a specimen section, to your editor. Our editors will get in touch with you to talk about the next steps.

The next joint stage is that we submit your suggestion for outside evaluation. In addition, please note the goals and scope as well as the information on online submission on the online submission page of your respective magazine.

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