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With our free book template you can get your books into the hands of readers who are looking for quality books by undiscovered artists. Are you looking for more attention for your book, one of these services is right for you. On this page you can insert your Kindle book into our system. As soon as we start tracking your book, we'll track it indefinitely. You want a real person to take care of your promotion?

Writers, if you have a book and want to submit free promotion here

Wrongly sized title can lead to your contribution not being accepted. Provide the readers with a good book title. You' re trying to get the readers to read your book. So the more you know about your book, the better. You can also enter this here if your book will be free or reduced on a certain date.

And the more the readers know about you, the more they will buy your book. Incorporate some of your favourite pastimes so that the readers can identify with you. When your letter has won you a prize, set that here as well. So if you don't have a website, just don't fill in the field. You are kindly requested to submit your book to Amazon.

Don't use a shortcut like the one in the bitly file, otherwise your listing will be declined. When you are not on Amazon, you can enter your Barnes & Noble, Itunes or Smash Words list. E-mails are not shown or released. When you want your reader to e-mail you, put your e-mail at the end of your biography.

Attract more attention to your book by adding it to our front page for 2 working nights and ensure a place in our newsletter and a jump into our online community. A Paypal dialog opens after you have clicked on "Send". You are kindly requested to enter your book name in the Paypal "Instructions for merchant" comment.

Book marking services:

Are you looking for more attention for your book, one of these options is right for you. Book marking services: There is a Bongo boost and your book is available in up to two different categories on our website. With our Book Bump plus a function in our monthly mail-out, your book will be sent to several of the biggest and best Facebook groups in its category (up to 20 groups) and incorporated into our Facebook promotions.

This and your book was on our homepage for one whole time. This is a 3-days promotional ad on our Facebook page for your book, with a tailor-made layout and target group appeal. This is a complete blogs posting devoted to your book and all the functions of our Premium Book Bang for you.

Books*: Books Genre*: Click on Send and you will be forwarded to PayPal.

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