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I' m going to write a short story and make money. Sarita Hermanth says. One way or another, writers can sometimes make money by publishing short stories in book form. In order to do this, submit your stories to a magazine, newspaper and other online competition. Send in your worst date stories today!

If you want to make money with your writing, of course, you can submit more work in less time with short stories than with writing complete books.

Create shorts for money. Post on-line to make money,

Schema Earns it Your Way is canceled e.f. 27-Aug-2017. As a tribute to our authors, we are announcing the" Earns it Your Way", a rewards program for our shorts. As part of this program, we are inviting everyone to create stories for money in various rewards classes (effective May 1, 2012):

Writing Kurzgeschichten für Geld". The yearly prize is awarded to the author, who has a limited number of stories and poetry that are recognised by our editorial staff as Editor's Choice this year (Jan-Dez).

Tie brokeer would be on the basis of the number of stories and poetry together released by the author this year and further, if necessary, these stories and poetry popular. That' s why you should do more writing and sharing your stories with your family. It is better to have the opportunity to win this prize. The prize is awarded to the history or poetry that our editor-in-chief selects each months.

This would be one of the stories that were recognised as the "Editor's Choice" this year. That'?s why reveal the writer in you. All stories are critiqued by our editorial staff, who can choose some stories on the basis of core stories. It is our editors' definitive selection of a storyline as Editor's Choose.

There will be no communications to explain why a narrative was chosen as Editor's Choose and/or why not. The minimal amount to be sent to the author under "Earn it Your Way": The" 1,000lnr " writing brief stories for money" is for India addresses and on a case-by-case base for non-India addresses.

The author must present a banking account, a photographic image and a photographic ID in order to collect the amount. When the author is not from India, she can hand over the check to her candidate in India. When the author has no Indian adress, the amount will be supplied to the author pending regulatory approval.

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