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Professional journalists and writers also use the program to refine their writing style. Find out more about this write enhancement software. Professional journalists and writers also use the program to refine their writing style. WOWNLOAD: Full version and updated Styliner StyleWrite software. Favourite alternatives to Stylewriter for Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome and more.

Style Writer will help you spell it out in clear, succinct English - often referred to as simple English.

The StyleWriter will help you spell it out in clear, succinct English - often referred to as basic English. A lot of folks think that basic English means easy, dull or juvenile. Imagine you cut the complexities and redundancies of your texts to create a clear, fluid, aerodynamic look that your audiences can easily comprehend.

It is the way of the best authors and communication professionals write. The Financial Times and the Washington Post, The Economist, Time and Newsweek and bestselling publications use the simple, simple British language for this. After all, authors and journalists know a clear stylistic approach that will help their readership to fully appreciate and appreciate the information presented.

Simple English editors and a freelance journalist have similar abilities. They both use reasonable precepts to create a more succinct, crisperyle. Writing in a pristine way. Using Live Verb. Newspapers editors devote about 90 per cent of their free editorial resources to enhancing editorial quality by trimming, streamlining and transforming words into a cleaner read.

This is what StyleWriter will teach you. Clear English does not mean that everyone's spelling must be the same. Authors will rephrase their notions, but all writings, especially corporate and governmental, must still be clear. To write in simple English means to adhere to the common sense to create a clear text. Edit well to remove the poor stylistic patterns so that your personal styles can show through.

There is a lot of room for personal styles, eloquence and creative work. Let StyleWriter help you get out of your bad typing patterns and let it be expressed in your own words. It' going to heal the usual bad ways of most writers. StyleWriter does not verify your English language skills (because Word has a built-in language checker) or fixes all errors.

Rather than duplicate the functions you've already included in your text editor, StyleWriter focuses on locating and testing for tens of thousand of style mistakes that can change your typing skills. The StyleWriter uses a rich and extensive data base to align samples in your typing styles. Since it does not analyze the phrase, the application is fast, works through about one text page per second and shows and analyzes all stylistic and possible application issues throughout the entire text.

Authors who want to create a corporate identity with the help of software. Reporters to review and improve their typing styles. Attorneys trying to change hundreds of years of poor schooling. The simple British pattern has been adopted by government, council, multinational companies, large industrial associations and others for good business purposes - simple language is saving a lot of valuable resources and work.

There are notable cost reductions that are required for basic English: US Navy estimates that simple language could cut costs by between $250 and $300 million a year. By rewording the handbooks into simple German, General Electric saves $275,000. By rewording a regular newsletter into simple German, the US Department of Veterans has cut $40,000. Clients in three polls on bank mail standards were unanimous in their preference for the simple version in German.

British-Telecom reduced the number of inquiries from customers by 25 per cent through the use of simple English. Royal Mail has made £500,000 in nine month's money by re-designing a simple English version of a paperwork. The British government's campaign to save £9 million in print expenses. Think of the cost saving if you use educational and editorial software to ensure all your staff have clear, concise English in every single work.

Style Writer works with Microsoft Word. Style Writer can then verify the text on the buffer. You can also copy text from the Windows Explorer to Word, modify it with StyleWriter, and then copy the text back to the Org. We have developed StyleWriter to work with Word on Windows. "If you would like to try and try StyleWriter before you buy, you can do so in our online area.

While we are pleased to provide guidance on using StyleWriter for Macs, we cannot provide tech specs. Every multi-national release of StyleWriter mirrors the use of the area in the UK. If you are installing StyleWriter, you can select the US, UK or Australia or all three of the three editions. Style Writer is usually a single-user licence that allows you to run it on one computer.

The Extended Licence Pack can be purchased for $30 to allow you to use Stylewriter on up to three PCs for your own use. This Extended Licence Pack does not allow you to have a StyleWriter licence installed on more than one work or work computer used by someone other than yourself, or to have the application installed by a second person.

When you have purchased the licence upgrade, please reinstall it from the downloaded version or the Software for Writers CD on each computer and for each copy of the software, unregister and request a second or third authorisation. Instead of giving you a 30-day money-back warranty, we recommend that you try the free StyleWriter evaluation version.

When you purchase the software without using the evaluation version, we will normally reimburse your money if you have not yet purchased the software. StyleWriter's Bog Index is a measurement that enhances the default legibility formulae. Then it evaluates the look and feel of your documents by category - the writing task and the target group.

Bog quantifies the effect of the set length for different typing jobs. Wordbog is used to measure vocabulary difficulties (instead of length ), shortcuts and abbonyms, literal sense, pasive verb and other stylistic questions. Peep is a measure of qualities that are characteristic of good typing. Since StyleWriter's stats are more extensive and precise than traditional legibility formulae, there may be suggestions for single phrases.

If you have used too many parent verb (s) to determine how many you need to convert to one. There are too many lurid verb types that make typing cumbersome and inaccessible. Style Writer will count the number of transient verb, divide it by the number of records, and multiply the number by 100 to obtain a transient index value.

When you have too many pasive verses, you should convert as many pasive verses as possible to aktive one. Use a good, proactive spelling technique if you can keep your negative index below 20. Whenever possible, enter with the liability index under 10. Modifying one or more of your verb types from positive to positive will transform your typing.

For changing the verb from passively to actively: This was StyleWriter's benchmark for good typing before we created the Bog Index. Styles Index is an index of all simple text related issues, which includes a weighting of long phrases. At a constant rate of less than 20, the best write performance is two stylistic errors per 100 words.

Since the Bog Index also measure the simple German issues in the text, we suggest using the Bog Index. Since the style index has pleased many people who used earlier releases, the application still uses this simple index. The Style Index can be seen in your statistic synopsis and saved together with your other stats in the statistic archive.

To see the StyleWriter index while editing your documents, right-click the Bog index in the StyleWriter window and choose Style Index. While nothing can substitute an inspirational tutorial in the schoolroom, the Electronic Writing course has certain benefits. With the Electronic Writing course you can do a lot more in one working days.

An Electronic Authoring Course single-user licence for the US federal government is $75 (UK £50 + VAT). Tailor-made courses mean re-designing them with your employees' handwriting tests and take about two-month. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to talk about your organisation's need for efficient typing schooling.

Electronic authoring course helps employees understand and understand and StyleWriter ensures that you are following the lesson. People who only used the Electronic Course enhanced their styles of handwriting (as compared to the StyleWriter indices) by only 10 per cent. Those who use StyleWriter after completing the Electronic Authoring course were able to increase their typing skills by 50 to 90 per cent.

The Electronic Houses are a way to ensure that every single file is consistently printed. StyleWriter ensures clear typing, while a corporate identity provides a uniform look for employees. Usually there are two major areas for a housestyle: The majority of organisations have chosen to enter data, products name, weight and measurements, etc.

With StyleWriter, we can program for tens of thousands of such issues and ensure that all our staff writes them consistent across all of our work. Tailor-made course means to redesign it with your employee's written tests and lasts about two month. We have been providing trainings and editorial services for 30 years and a large part of this expertise flows into the development of our software.

Our belief is in the simple typeface approach - a clear, succinct and legible one. Please click here to get in touch with us and recommend our software. Adjust your letter to different target groups and assignments. Customize StyleWriter with your own correction and styling problems.

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