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You should be able to do this after completing this course: Write courses or check out the OU Creative Writing courses currently available. Possibility to study from Australia for a qualification. On-line diploma in creative writing. Further possibilities in this area.

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The answers from my tutors were very fast and I had all the help I needed. My instructor gave me a lot of help and answers on time. It was excellent, easily comprehensible and digestible. All the online quizzes were very useful. It' been a great experiance because I like to learn web design and development.

They' were always there for me and were always available, responsive, which helps me to maintain a good learning outreach. It was an outstanding facility, all my questions were quickly responded to and the answers were very useful. Mike and Dave have great back-up.

There was excellent assistance from the staff. You were very useful and quickly answered all my queries. When I asked my instructor for help or to ask a few easy question, the answer was immediate and very well-informed. It made this possible and I cannot thank everyone at the Center enough for their help.

It felt like the study experiences were comprehensible and interesting. Well-presented and easily comprehensible. There was excellent campus staffing. The students were looked after very well and the answers to your queries and the assignments were marked very quickly. They helped me and I always got a fast answer when I asked for clarification of problems I had to deal with.

It was astonishing the customer service, all your queries were met with lots of information and quick answers. As I got bogged down in any exercise or task, the help really did help me. The whole program was ideally and fully maintained from beginning to end and I look forward to continuing my studies in the years to come.

We were astonished at the students' help. The students' help was very good and the tutors were very instructive and gave me all the information and feedbacks I needed. There is an impulse to fulfill one's own ambitions in one' s own lifetime, to be creative. When I got into trouble or had a question, Mike's quick and dependable e-mail tech response was first-rate.

Whenever I got bogged down, Mike (technical support) was always there to help me take the right course. Thank you Distance Learning Centre. They are very well done and the level of tecnical assistance was excellent. Perhaps you are interested in a track record in which the Distance Learning Centre has been a part of.

Allow me to thank you for your help. I have a JavaScript-degree. I' d especially like to thank Mike at the Distance Learning Centre for his help over the last 10 month, the services were first-rate. I got an answer to every e-mail within 24 or less working days, and every problem I had was solved quickly - a first-class after sales team.

Many thanks to Mike from the District Training Center. Assistance was outstanding. Every e-mail was answered from storage within 24hrs ( "usually faster") and every inquiry or problem was solved promptly - really first-class client aide. Jill, my online training center instructor, gave me a higher -than-expected experience and helped me get a score I've thought was out of reach at GCSE for years.

Whenever I needed it, my instructor was always on site and gave me a response within 24h. I have always had a highly qualified, effective and supportive instructor. Thanks for giving me an outstanding and rewarding time. Awesome! I found it very simple to comprehend my tasks and to send them by e-mail.

I' d definitely study with them again. When you are self-minded, this is the right thing for you, and you have help when needed. I' m writing to let you know that I am very satisfied with the system you have provided. It provides outstanding after-sales services when the buyer has questions or issues.

Since I work part-time and have 2 little guys, I thought correspondence courses were the best choice. I' d like to thank my teacher for his help. Well, the English teacher, Dr. English, is excellent. There was plenty of opportunities to repeat what I learned. It was always very fast (usually within an hours or so), and was very useful and solved my problem/question.

To be in the medicine business, to learn new things and to understand them is very competent and useful. Attractive customer service. Unparalleled shopping! When I needed help, I had direct contact with the teacher who was there. He was always available and answered before I waited for what was great. I had no problem with my instructor and he answered very quickly and was very kind to work with him.

As I got bogged down and sent an e-mail to my teacher, I very quickly got advice and assistance, which help me move forward at a constant rate. Considerable amount of information in very clear and easily understandable speech. Practical "laboratories" also supported and intensified the teaching processes.

I have received more than useful input from my mentor, and the input I have received has not always been good and entirely justified. I had a very useful and instructive instructor. Just one quick and satisfying answer to the instructor. Supportmaterial has been written in easy words to make it easy to read and comprehend.

Students' mentoring was very good. My instructor answered quickly to my e-mails and supported me if necessary. It was an outstanding piece of equipment and I really loved it so much that I was admitted to the school. The students' help was fast, helping with good advices and suggestions. It was a pleasure to study. Tutors' response to the tasks was very specific and useful.

Some study materials. It was very clear and comprehensible. Students' care is excellent! It was very simple to buy, ordered online and came quickly. I had a good level of encouragement and I liked the clear points of the goal. Students' mentoring was excellent. He was so supporting, willing to help, gave instructions and was a real mentalist.

Totally excellent backup. It was very simple and convenient to order. Simple to order, use and comprehend. Easily understandable and very thorough with the information provided. The tutor was effective, timely and gave good feedback on each evaluation. Since I have never taken correspondence courses before, I was a little sceptic.

The students' help was astonishing. I felt that the individual knew me as a college graduate and not as a number in the data base Very thorough answers and useful. There has always been outstanding tech-services. And I asked several questions, and I was replied to in less than 5 lessons, with samples of what I did not comprehend, or with hyperlinks to pages to see more information about a particular topic.

I had a very useful instructor and the feed-back was invaluable. You were formulated in an easy-to-understand phrase, which was great because it kept your interest alive. They have always been supportive, and always provide timely feedbacks. I had a very good interaction with the sales/admin teams, they were very supportive and answered all my questions within a few minutes.

Simple to use and well organized. He was a useful and effective instructor. It was a great pleasure to study with correspondence courses. It was all easily understood, fast and safe and I was very satisfied with the whole procedure. The supervision of the students was very good. I had a very good DLC study environment.

She was an outstanding instructor & her answers were always fast & very useful. It was very useful. Extremely well textured material, easily comprehensible and very interesting. It' just great to have the right one.

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