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High School Mate Student Publishing turns students into published authors by printing their own fonts and drawings into class books. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your students get excited about learning. Tips & instructions for creating a student anthology or a writing collection! Find out more about our quick and easy ways to publish textbooks and get a quote. We have helped thousands of student writers to achieve a sense of accomplishment, possession and pride that results from looking at their work in a published book.

Quick and easy publishing of students

The School MateĀ® Publishing provides the ideal way to make your students' typing and drafting activities more entertaining and imaginative. Transform them into publishers! Our quick and simple student publishing programme allows each student to submit 2 pages of originals and illustrations to create a combination class book. Instructors are able to inspire pupils and see a noticeable change in their pupils' work.

It' a quick, simple and enjoyable procedure. The programme will support DIFFERENTIATED LEARNING and can complement any syllabus. Pupils get to know the publishing processes in the schoolroom. They are enthusiastic about working in a group. PUBLICATED AUTHORS and shine with proud when they see ready -made textbooks! They are proud of their child's work and have a valuable souvenir for themselves, grandchildren, other members of their families and mates!

Your pupils can work in groups or separately and create, work on, illustrations, formats and share a book.

Your pupils can work in groups or separately and compose, work on, illustrations, formats and publications. You only need a computer, a little fantasy and web connection to post images, stories, chapters and workbooks. "I' ve chosen to make a book as a group effort, a book that gives them the chance to exchange their wisdom with others."

Put it on.

Easy and efficient student publishing

Teach the student how to think, not what you think. There is something really peculiar when a student sees their name in a book they have co-authored. If they know that the public is the actual word, they know that they can improve their typing. Publication enhances students' literacy and study abilities. Get a free book for your grammar school libraries when you have 10 or more student writers publishing.

Learn how simple it can be to post in your schoolroom.

Studentenbuchverlag | Student Publishing Opportunities

Did you always want to release your own book? We have developed a system that makes publishing simple and entertaining for children! They may have been to other places and thought the only way that you were going to be publishing a book is if you expended your whole lives saves on it.

As we know you are a student, we want to help you as much as possible. If you want to make a book that you can use for a book or if you just want to make a reminder book, we can help you. We print all our products on high-quality papers and bind them in a professional way.

Allow your college or college graduates to become a publishing writer! Up-and-coming writers will have the pleasure of seeing their book hardcover and in print. Each of our top of the line titles are of high standard and guarantee that they will be memorable for a long time to come. If a student knows that his work is presented in a genuine book, his literacy and literacy will soar.

A lot of college kids enjoy the challenges when they have to do something themselves. In a few moments our on-line bookmaker can turn your manuscript or several papers (.docx,.ppt or.pdf) into a bound, full-colour book. Although you can have your book for free, we only give teachers a 10% rebate.

Not only can you post the students' book on Amazon, you will also receive a free copy for each one. Are you willing to begin publishing?

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