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When Lainie Lee was spinning BigCloset from my old NaughtyWords website, it was the same story site that was launched the same time. The two sides were launched in reaction to the possible closure of FictionMania. Luckily that didn't happened and Crystal's venture has also lived and thrived. There may now be the second biggest compilation of free TG fictions on the web with many tales that appear nowhere else.

There is also a vibrant online discussion forum on the cyberboard and in chats, a funny place. As a rule, Kristal is updated several periods a week and the organisation of storytelling is amazing.

Crystal's StorySite

Wellcome to StorySite. You can NOT find any fee or charge here. Well, I trust you'll be enjoying your stay. Caution: This site does not contain either sexually explicit content or content, but rather bibliography and links that some may consider mature read.

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It takes one tag to create a new website, then you can refresh it with your contents and start it when it is final. Story-page? We' ve fine-tuned the story site from front-end browsing and utilities to back-end management to provide a smooth and easy user and manager interface.

It is enough to say that we have been baking in the fundamentals with a high dosage of smart technology to make sure that all contents (regardless of your know-how) are optimised for good placement and access. Each story site is encoded with an SSL-certification, to avoid unauthorised third parties' gathering of information, hackings or general abuse of the Internet.

Story-story pages are displayed on the desk top, on tablets and on your phone and are fully equipped with device-specific functions that use various functions (such as tap-to-call). We host our websites on Amazon's global CDN with 99.9% availability, so you don't have to be worried about downtime. Designed with a drag-and-drop user experience, it makes it really simple to organize and refresh your work.

Default (non creepy) analyses are followed from the very first morning so that you can see where your users come from, what they are using and when/where they are leaving the site. The Story Site is a one-time $1,000 deposit and an on-going $33 per months web site maintenance charge that begins with the publication of your reporting page.

Storysites are served on Bittersweet servers of Amazon Cloud and are available as long as the web site fee is paid in time. We will remove the site for you immediately.

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