Storybook Creator App

The Storybook Creator application

No programming experience is required to create your own storybook app, our Storybook Creator puts it all together for you! Make your own story text, images and art, and film a signer! Compile it on the Storybook Creator and get your story on the App Store! BooKreator is an easy way to create your own beautiful iBooks right on your iPad. This is an application I developed for children and adults to create a fairy tale book from my illustrations and backgrounds.

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We' re learning through the story telling game. Histories give the learner a framework for the acquired know-how and an opportunity to visualise conceptions and notions. Teachers can tell tales to educate every topic and motivate the pupils. Furthermore, it will help our learner to be great story tellers, to give them self-confidence because they can be imaginative and part of themselves.

You can always be the main character in their tales. Here are some on-line and portable applications to help your students build your own book. I' ve posted 100 sets of annotations and applications here, but in this article I'll focus on those that you use to make your story.

Story-book applications and storybook utilities allow the student to split a full story. The storybook authoring tool is usually very simple to use and a secure way to post work on-line, as the student usually only contributes text and pictures. I' m going to be sharing story building utilities with videotools and multi-media applications.

Zooburst - My favourite storybook making utility. This web application is totally astonishing and awesome for college kids to make on-line 3-D pop-up albums where they can put their own pictures and write to them. Using the enhanced realism options you can interactively tell your history. Free of charge, the iPhone app allows pupils to view the tales they have made, and pupils are scanning Zooburst storyline codes to view the history digitally on-line.

Littlet Bird Tales - Pupils can paint their own artwork or post pictures to make a text- and voicebook to tell their own tale. They can then embedded their histories, generate PDF and MP4s. It is available for i-device for $2.99, but the web tools allows you to write free histories.

Storybird - Perhaps the simplest fairy tale book authoring utility! The pupils make nice tales by selecting nice arts and add the words. Kerpoof- Make a history with a preset. Pupils then select what type of storyline they want to select from a multitude of signs. It also has features for making a film, painting an image or making an e-card.

Storybook maker - Make a nice children's storybook by selecting figures and requisites and creating the text. Easy booklet - Make folding booklets with nice pictures and text. Dr. Seuss Storyline Creator - Choose your favourite Dr. Seuss character, background and so on. Kids choose what kind of storyline to build, then they fill in loopholes in a storyline that has lots of different people.

Historymaker by British Council - This is more of a history-builder. Pupils can select the kind of history and then select different items from an existing one. Storypanda- Contains faucet and faucet book. Select your background and character, etc. Children can put themselves in the picture or make their own tales.

StoryKit - Build an online storybook by sketching on your monitor, adding pictures, capturing sounds and voices, arranging history items (text fields, pictures, colors and audio clips) as you wish by drag and drop to change size, rearrange pages and upload them to the StoryKit web site. Send a short history by e-mail.

It contains four publicly accessible children's textbooks that can be rewritten and rearranged into a new storyline. StoryBots - Build your own book on iPad with the protagonists! App- (free, i-devices)multimedia-book in English, French, Spanisch and Germ. Capture a storyline or personalize your book with graphics and photographs. The Bunsella Bedtimes Stories pupils tell a children's tale, can post their own pictures that become part of the tale, and then send the told tale via e-mail.

Other people can react to these narratives. iPhone Mooklet - Make text based slideshows. Challenges: Test one of these utilities with your pupils and tell them what happened. Which are your favourite pastimes?

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