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Writing software for storyboards

The reason we built storyboarders was because the storyboarding tool we wanted simply didn't exist. Writing, breakdown, storyboard, schedule and budget for your productions. No software. I am looking for a good, free story mapping software. Free-of-charge storyboarding program for fiction and movies.

Storeboard Quick 6: script writing software for film-makers

Simple to use, easily learned story board for authors and film-makers. You can create your own stories in a few seconds, no need to draw. A ton of classy works of art including! You can also upload your own photo and your own script. Prints in professionally designed page designs or exports to Flash or HTML. Storiboard Quick is an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn piece of visual planning and presentation tool for everything from movies to company presentation.

StoryBoard Quick comes with pre-installed storyboard library and helps you create storylines that look good even without art. Easily add artwork to your storylines like pointing and clicks, so you can schedule and organize your recordings for better results. With simple page layouts, graphical editing, captioning, and layered picture editing, story boarding is quicker than ever, while you can show your projects to the public visually.

Printout your good-looking storyboard or save it as a graphics file or Flash film. This new page format, included in the scripts, allows you to format scripts with thumbnails and is just one of many ways to present your idea with StoryBoard Quick. Watch Storyboard Quick in Progress. The StoryBoard Quick is ideal for:

Lessons in storyline boarding are essential for acquiring film-making, audiovisual composing and narrative skills. You can also upload your own skripts and post forums to tell your stories in an eye-catching way. A ton of contained art work to construct your board. Easily export your images and images (including Photoshop layers) to use them in combination with the richness of the graphics they contain. Easily export your screenwriter/text applications.

Paste text into your storyboard by entering it directly into the labels provided or even directly into the box. You can see an overall picture of your whole design, mix boxes, quickly skip to edit a box, and even see thumbnail headlines. Choice of a number of professionally designed printing styles (Horizontal, Vertical, Script), with the new Script Dominant type.

Customise the header, footer, and border. Make a Flash movie of your projects for upload or view locally. Exports your projects to HTML to view/share on the web. Are you willing to take your projects to the next stage by building professionally designed storylines? Receive your copy of StoryBoard Quick today.

We kindly ask you to enclose a filled out return form with your consignment. You must disable and uninstall your computer's return shipping programs before a full refund can be made. If you need help to uninstall or deactivate your copy of the program, please consult the vendor.

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