Story Writing with given words

Word-for-word story writing

A short story with given words. When I started reading, he realized it was a book about writing an essay or some kind of essay. Start practicing there by writing a few mini stories. Then take part in the "Pen a Story" writing competition of Words for Life. We had options for five different genres and each had a different paragraph as a starting point.

Could someone help me make a story with these words? (4534)

Books; bulb; fish; trees; well; tortoise; plane; magnet; teachers to help with this. Suzan M. Loves Japanese, Loves to Sev, cut with size 6-12 all days as a bookkeeper! Dear Japanese, Dear sewing, Cutting with..... I read my extraterrestrial racial novel on a fictitious planetary named Lunosity a few years away, and the bulb I read chose to stop, and I was blindly abandoned at the well on the treetop in the mansionyard.

The tortoise and the pelagic species could be heard squirting in the sea until they were suppressed by the plane that flew over them, because of all the magnetization that could be found in the field around the shapes in the area. The story becomes more interesting when you try to reconcile the themes in an extraordinary way.

This changes dramatically with the horrible sound of an aircraft crashing through the cloud. My sneezes are now open, I see: This is by no means an aeroplane, it looks like a floating cups! That thing smashes our lovely old owl when it comes down.

He collapses near our front garden, the spring sprays its waters. The only thing that doesn't impress is the fishing well and its bronzed tortoise lover when a small harbour opens up and an extraterrestrial rises out. She' s furious when she finds out I was dimming the bulb with a Scraf: "and stop readin' that book...."

Do you have a books that everyone is discussing and that you would like to see? Has there been a message that fascinated you? I never wanted you to take someone's story. Besides, I would suggest you don't go with the obvious. No. There are several ways to use Alien.

Search for different phrases using the term "alien". Same goes for the other words. Tortoise, for example, can be used to describe something else. To be able to make a story with these 9 words, you have to organise them. Choose which words you want to be your topic (you said the beasts and the alien).

Now you can choose how you want to use the other words. Perhaps every creature will take an item on a plane to see the extraterrestrial in orbit? However, discuss why it was important that the tortoise wanted to take the light bulb, etc... Some of your words could describe the frame of your story (fish, trees, turtles, fountains).

Perhaps your story is set by a pool or sea in a garden. Perhaps the spacecraft will fall into the pool? Well, how do you like that if your primary theme is the space game? You' re readin' a temptin' little notebook under a weak noodle. You' ve wanted to make changes to the lights for a fortnight. You were possessed with it.

They have just arrived at the most thrilling part of this volume, where an extraterrestrial crashes his spacecraft near a shed. Whilst you are unusually sleepy to proceed, you want to know if the spacecraft will survive or not. As the story of the extraterrestrial that survived the plane collapse becomes even more interesting, you start to listen to a roaring noise from the outside.

If you wish to deviate from the notebook, take out a torch to see what was. If you open the barndoor slightly, you hear the roaring of an aircraft motor from above. Of course, your agitation is due to the fact that you are asking yourself whether what actually took place in your own place.

When you' re leaving your trucks, the passport your folks often use with a roadmaps goes wrong. You get out of the lorry and walk through a living well with a huge tortoise sculpture staring at you. There is a lonely and lazy but certainly worried swim in the water world. You can either meet a kindly wounded space traveller or a devastating space traveller who is doing well....destructive.

When you tell your story about your meeting with the extraterrestrial, you awaken to the light bulb and look at the script and you find that you've been asleep all last minute and think that nothing really happens. Maybe you could do this almost like an Alice in the history of Mirabell.

Hopefully this will make you write!

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